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Unconditional Love
Wherein forgiveness is inherent & compassion infinite
Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then I contradict myself.
I am large. I contain multitudes.

-- Walt Whitman; "Song of Myself"

I was born on May 3, 1983 at 3:35 in the morning. Making me 30, at the time I am writing this in the summer of 2013. I am Taurus, with Capricorn Moon and Aquarius rising, and I know what all those mean and how they show up in my life. It will amuse you, perhaps, I identify as both American and Texan. Both of which are completely different, and recognize (jabbed and seen) differently across the globe.

Alas, I was not issued a ten gallon hat or a horse at my birth. I still haven't figured out who to address my complaint paperwork, too. I do own a lovely set of boots and hat, though, and I can ride a mean horse, and it's on the high list of things that make my heart soar. If you come to visit me I will probably use it as an excuse to have even more horseback riding.

I, currently, live with one my best friends of over a decade (though we're only heading into our fourth year of living together) and his two cats, all three of whom I'll end up commenting on all about's the world of these places, journal entries and twitter and tumblr.

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"They are like pampered animals, that rage in savage sensuality."
-- [Act 4, Scene 1] Much A Do About Nothing

I've been in roleplaying games (RPG's) since 1996. I started in chatrooms over on Chat House, moved to and ran PBEM's (play by E-mails) over on One List/Yahoo Groups, and then started playing in threading journal games on Livejournal/Dreamwidth. Some of my games are long dead and some of them are currently active, but I've got a stunning number of characters spread out sort of everywhere.

This is my master list, so other players (and friend, and even me, myself!) will know who they are all are/were!

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Not forever, but for a while.

I have been lucky to know Sarah and Jenn -- the loveliest ladies, writers, artists, and wives, friends -- for years and to blow through so very different incarnations of Glamourkins. They fill up a whole section of my dresser in different sized boxes collecting my scrabble tiles, small dominoes, large dominoes, circles, ovals, corksremade necklaces, and an entire domino chakra set.

I, also, have over the years picked up altars, altar boxes, christmas ornaments, wall hangings, and enchantment journals from Fable Tribe's Incarnations. So when the announcement came earlier this week that it might be a year or two while they focused on their brilliant, amazing writing, I knew I'd be setting aside a little money to splurge on the closing sale.

These were prizes

For my current world

For, as always, love

Every other, beloved, thing

Thank you, dears. For everything you have done and always do, and will. I cannot wait to see how much time and beautiful space to grow this change brings for your writing (and as ever, I will keep my eyes open over the time for the glimmers of glamourkins come through into the future, too).

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  • Wed, 21:17: RT @angelsscream: this whole backlash against social media is because the system can't cover up things as effectively as in the past




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It's that time. I know I have quite a few of you in my card book and my computer address directory already, but inevitably the year can bring anything into a person's life and I know some of the addresses out there have changed, to different apartments, states and even countries.

This is to everyone and anyone on my f-list (twitter list, facebook list, livejournal, dreamwidth), even those I see in person, and those who even have me just on their f-list's. I'd love to be able to send you a little extra merriment during this season to show you just how much you're loved and just how much your light brightens my life. The comments to this post are screened so no one else can read them;

Thus if you'd like a Christmas/Yule/Winter-AnyHoliday card please leave me your address below in the comments!

(Also, if I missed your card lists offers somehow, link me! I would love to swap!)

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There are two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.

- Albert Eintsein

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I have upward of 10+ things with Asian Deities. Can Yin, Ganesh, Durga, Lakshmi on the walls and in statuary. It's tempting to say once I sign up for RCGI that my year one focus on Goddesses might be tempted away to Asian Deities. (Even though previously it was doing all the most important deities of my life thus far.)

But this is interesting to note as things go up.

I'm really so pleased to have things on my wall in my bedroom.

It's becoming a massive, magical sanctuary. All these things from RCG, Blue Moon Meets, Sacred Chakra Sisterhood, Temple of Twelve, The Silver Bow Sisterhood. Herbs, oils, tarot, runes, astrology, holidays, elements. I feel like the story of my soul is written on the walls of my room. It feels daunting, and beautiful, and brave, and so very naked.

I should have done this so long ago. But there is no guilt or remorse in this (/that).

I am giving birth to myself, and I feel allowed, empowered, certain, I get to take however much time I need to and to love, with gratitude and the humble respect, the self who kept me together to get to this point.

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“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones."


“You're in the right place at the right time, and
you care enough to do what needs to be done.

Sometimes that's enough.”

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I had so many plans for today, and ideas that it was going to mostly be nothing. Laying. Lounging.

Instead my Art's Meetup over for the Holiday Clay Fair was canceled due to inclement weather, so I decided to go get my oil changed. It's only something like five thousand over when the light turned on. I made faces as the price kept racking up but I got my oil changed, my tires rotated, and my wipers replaced. I remind myself to take deep breaths overtime I have to put this, and everything for November/December on my credit card.

Four more weeks and my paycheck will resemble something not suffocating me slowly.
(I remain nothing but grateful that it is my only main struggle, and that my job is joyful now.)

It took an hour and half at the car place, but I really didn't notice. I'd made the choice to take my laptop, use the new iPhone upgraded hotspot from my phone, for my laptop, and to work on the beginning of The RCG Retreat trio of posts, that will hopefully get done by midweek.

I ended up pushing my plans with my mother earlier, and we did all the Thanksgiving shopping at three different locations of her choosing, in the vastly down pouring rain. I helped her unload once in the middle, and during the second half we even had a lunch of sushi out. I went home with the plan to nap for an hour and write for an hour. Instead I napped for two and some change to the sound of the rain pouring.

Then I headed back to my parents, because they now live less than ten minutes from me, for a celebratory spaghetti and wine dinner. Celebrating the being informed I'd been/be being hire eight days ago, and the official HR call on Wednesday. Along with really everything. The fact it didn't move me, and I'm keeping my kids, and I love everything about my classes, my co-teacher, the two different clubs I'm backing, the friend who got me this job, the people I work with.

The world turned into the worst parts of the crazy pouring rain as I stayed there and helped my mother check all the specs on both of her computers for being ready for the classes she starts soon. It wasn't too hard to do, and I marked down all the things to follow, before heading home again. I'm still working on making this place look beautiful six months later.

But the last six months have been nothing short of brutal and at some point I may write a locked post so I can cover it once and only have to nod toward it from time to time. But it continues to be a grace to come home and want to do things. To be putting things on the walls, and figuring out how to move things to fit my tree, or deciding on a small tree for the dinning room table.

I should be sleeping now, even. I went to bed intending to sleep.

Made it through checking my entry, that I had to post while running out the door to dinner. Sent out the secret swap recipients for the first YuleSwap a friend and I are running together. Paid all my bills, and watched my entire paycheck for the month vanish in less than twenty hours since it got to me. Cleared up and off my entire mac desktop to go better with my new desktop, and so the clutter stops hamstringing me. Checked more things off my to - do list.

More tomorrow. So much more. With the entry writing, and the wall hangings, and the several meetings. But more tomorrow, as this is only day one of my nine day Thanksgiving holiday from teaching (which is even more blessings that come with the job). All my love, and more to come.

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Goddess of Mystery, cloak me in your magic veil
Avalon is calling, waiting for the mist to rise
Come be the magic on the isle of mystery

2014 RCG Fall Retreat

Going into this retreat I did not know what to expect more than “it will be about the journey to/through Avalon,” but as someone who with an endless love for Arthurian Legend, who dedicated to Morgaine in her early twenties, it’s been a nice thing to know was coming. Even when anything nice on the horizon was still something I was (am) learning to have trust in again.

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  • Fri, 19:15: I need someone to inform me on the important conversation in this nights episode when it happens, PLEASE? #H50
  • Fri, 20:04: RT @ibyshire: The theme song never ever fails to make me smile. :D #H50
  • Fri, 21:27: Today has been a glorious day, from beginning to almost-end. Everything within it only making it brighter.
  • Fri, 22:34: Curious question, did we get a reason Mary & Joan aren't there? #h50 #whymustIwaittowatch #whereismyLa
  • Fri, 22:36: RT @celspi: Considering there was nothing said about Amber since the last time she was onscreen, closure for Cath relationship is appreciat…
  • Fri, 22:36: RT @celspi: @squeeothemoment She built herself a life that she is content with even without Steve. That's huge compared to Season 4 job deb…
  • Fri, 22:36: RT @squeeothemoment: All snark aside, I'm actually HAPPY that the writers gave Cath her own "mission." She doesn't need Steve to be complet…
  • Fri, 22:41: RT @mtaurustweets: #Taurus don't want money, they don't want fame. They just want someone who will love them the same way they love them.
  • Fri, 23:29: #H50 Hive mind, lend me your awesome. I need all the episodes Steve McGarrett has said he loved someone.
  • Fri, 23:52: Which episode in Season five had the boys exchanging I love you's again? #h50 5.06? I know it wasn't 7. Just not when.
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The far away, full shot.

The close up.

A tiny preview of the great, long post to come. This was one of the biggest epiphinaitic moments of my recent RCG retreat last weekend. Seeing this picture in my hand. It's meant so much -- both to that weekend, and the journey I have ahead with the challenges I can name and the promises I have made, because of seeing it, and realizing -- that it's become my lock screen and my main Facebook.

I may need to finally make another icon of myself. I have so much to say about it, so much I need to do and work on. But I run my finger and my mind over it silently. Pleased, and nervous.

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I keep thinking to come back I need something amazing to write, and I do have something amazing to write (that even drastically relates to my coming back), but it will likely happen this weekend or next week on vacation, because it is longwinded and will involve pictures not yet uploaded, but for now I bring you, and myself, the innocuous.

Isn't it strange and rather like digging through a sudden treasure trove of forgotten things, when one needs to replace their refrigerator, and you have to take everything out? There were things in freezer I'd totally written off during the last two months as not existing in my house (and not being able to be replaced until January or later). Things in my fridge that I probably have not seen in months and will now fold into meals.

It feels a little magical getting to pull it all out, take order and stock of things I have, and things I don't need.

Plus, it really does not hurt that the new fridge my relator/manager bought is near 1/3rd bigger.

Well, I must dash. I have a forty minute drive to work, and I was only okayed for being about thirty minutes later for agreeing to let the fridge repair/replace-it man come at six-thirty in the morning. I have beautiful, little minds to go teach about sentence structure.

More later. All my love.

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