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Bio / Background / Personal Information -- Updated for 2006

- Born in the year 1983, on May 3 (just like Commander Jeffery Sinclair and Machiavelli), at 3:35 am. I stay up till my birth time on my birthday every year just to celebrate the moment I was born into this world.

- 5'3" and about 120 lbs in size 3/4 or 5 jeans . Long, wavy brown hair to the top of my jean pockets, pale white skin, and bright blue eyes. Single silver pentacle necklace. Two silver rings, one on the left hand pointer finger is a medium sized moonstone, and on the right pointer finger a graceful dragon from Christi (katai_kitty).

- Whatever clothes work. Sometimes tight, sometimes loose. Hippie, conservative, nicely dressed up, anything. I am an undeniable and unstoppable obsession with blue jeans; wearing them and buying them. Always in bare foot if possible, if not then sandals unless I have to dress up. I like to dress up more now than I used to; both for fun of costumes and for formal occasions.

Pictures of Little 'ol Me -- which are still rare


- I live in a small duplex house one of my best friends, Christine (gysytemptress) and her fiancé, Warren (masterspork). We've lived together since August 2005, but we're splitting ways this July. She'll be moving into a one bedroom apartment while I'll be spending the Fall 2006 semester in London.

Pictures of My Bedroom -- It's dense!
Picture of Home Sweet Home -- Includes Roomies, parties, etc

- Pets.......one snake named Slylth. He's a tiny Gardner snake I've had over a year and half by now probably. He's tiny and adorably cute. (Also, he's part of the pictures of My Room.)

- Tyael is my transport. A large white Buick Le Saber 1999. I'm not as in love with it as I was with Sylvan (my first baby, my first love, my Oldsmobile Intrigue) but he and I have worked out an amiable arrangement after being together past a year now. He takes very good care of me.

- I have no job, as I am a full time student at a St. Mary’s, a small, private catholic university. If figured correctly, I'll graduating Spring 2007. I adore St. Mary's University with every fiber in my being, as well. My Major is in English, while my Minor is in History. I will be going on to get a Masters in English, and hopefully a PHD.

Pictures of St. Mary's -- Included events, campus pics, my favorite professor

- Scholastically speaking; I love English and still abhor Math. I'd rather write essays than take wrote-repetition tests. I'm, also, a seventeen year practicing high soprano and I love all music.

- The Corner; my hearts blood and some of my closest friends. They are the people I hang out with everyday at school in -- "the corner" of the University Center. These people bring me up on even my worst days. One of them even became the love of my life. I wouldn't be who I am today at all without these people. They are the greatest gift St. Mary's has given me on a consistent basis.

Picture of The Corner -- Events, Trips, Candid’s

- William "Billy" Tam, sometimes called Bill, Billy, Billy Tam and even possessor of the Bunny Butt (it's a hair thing, I swear). He's an English Major, set to graduate this Christmas. He's a gamer, a geek, and a voracious reader. He loves and mixes science and religion with delighted fever. His heart is in the outdoors, but he also shines up wonderfully in a suit. He sets my heart, my body, and my soul on fire. All of it like puzzles pieces; He fits.

Pictures of The Boyfriend -- Includes some gifts and Family pictures


- My family is very, very large. ( Background = Mom and dad, had me and Kimi. They got divorced when I was about eight. Kimi passed away during her thirteenth year of brain cancer, which she'd been suffering from since eighteen months old. They've both remarried since at least ones.)

Mom's family: Favorite person on this side is my grandmother through her, though I never met her husband because he died when I was two. I will one day grow up to be this woman, as she is my biggest role model. At her decrepit age she still travels all over the world, donates to charities, all her grand children's college money, is in better shape than my mother and has time to stay home and enjoy the snow in Michigan at Christmas. Rest of that side of the family is humungous and only sees me once every five years or so.

Mom's new/third husband (as of like eight years ago) is Gordon, who comes attached with one daughter named Margaret, also. She's married to David, and they bring with them my three adorable nieces; the twins, Alison and Meredith, and the adorable ham of a baby, Brooke.

Dad's family: He is my favorite on his side. His family can be really odd at times and uncommunicative for years at other times.

Dad's new/fourth wife (of about seven years) is Barbara, who comes attached with four other children of varying marital past states. The oldest is Mandy, second oldest is James, second youngest is Kathleen, and youngest is Jennifer.

Also; this Christmas my paternal grandmother died, so for the first time in my life i got to meet that side of my family. This was getting to see my half-brother for the first time since I was (Stephen and Geoffrey), my aunt's family (aunt Wendy, uncle Carl, mishap and ray), and all the great aunts and uncles I've never known about as well.

Pictures of My Family -- Has both sides, the Christmas Funeral Trip, and Gordon's Family Christmas


- My favorite and longest lasting job of my past is working at Tj's comic store. I worked there for two years and some. It was my first real job of my teenage years (not including the one Halloween haunted house gig) and it stayed with my through work study in school even. There are so many things to say about this job that whole posts couldn't hold it. I loved this job, heart and soul, and I never regretted working for him even in the worst situations. I loved every tank top wearing, brains going to break book grading, bare foot every minute, new experience sharing, sitting around, heckling each other, laughing at costumers, late night back breaking, new book day hectic, laughing, crying, dramatic soap opera part of it.

I read a million comics, which equals pretty much anything TJ gives me, someone has on hand, or someone tells me is slightly cool. I own over five thousand books, but I have lost the last count on my collection and I'll update that once its in hand again. My favorites are Elfquest and Strangers in Paradise....followed shortly by anything Jean Grey/Phoenix, and then anything X-Men.

- Voracious book nerd. I love to read books and my reading speed is between five hundred and six hundred words per minute, which at its fastest is still slower that my mothers slow days. My usual goal is to have read at least what amounts to a book a week by the time a year is over. I usually catalogues my books read for the current year, soon to be link to a web page once made.

- Fluently, I speak, English, Bad English, and html. Am one of the two survivors of the creation of Xareyen, was helping to create it and still quote bits of it on my journal. Very fast loosing my grip on Latin, but I'll be trying to take two more classes of it in College (and two of my icons have it). Barely remember much of American Sign Language I got as a child.

- I am Wiccan; dedicated to the moon at three days old and was raised that way by my Father. I'm very eclectic when it comes to path routine. I celebrate the holidays routinely. I'm very immersed in almost anything the involves using Oils and Herbs which I have hundreds of each. I'm part of a very large community as such, but love hearing, talking, debating most religions.

- Future Dreams are;

To become a *published* writer because two years later I really have no guilt at saying I am a fully fledged writer. It is one of my, if not my biggest, passion. I've written since almost before I can remember, whether it was drabbles, made up stories, or horrid seven year old attempts at poetry. To this day I find it to be on of my true passions. My stories at Fan Fiction around under Wanderlustlover, my lj poetry can be found in my memories and I also have another journal in LJ for my writing, (mdstorytime). I am presently working on a novel and a couple million short stories.

Get Married and have kids.

Live in an amazingly large house with room enough for everything and huge outdoor herb gardens, somewhere where it snows with a small handful of those I love.

Travel to a new country every year.
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