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More Update for New Profile -- LiveJournal Trading Card

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 47121
Date Created:2001-01-24
Number of Posts: 3,936

She is a child of whimsy and wonder, caught between two worlds -- too old to be a young, and to much a child to be an adult. She constantly feels trapped between worlds, lives, concepts, and people. Sometimes she thinks the world around her is just a dream someone has created, she just a fictive in it and other times it just the greatest gift ever given to small people.
Strengths: Loyalty, turning the cheek no matter whats done, has the patience to out wait the freeze of hell, willingness to be helpful to any fault, gives out all of her pencils, ability to forgive anything, trusts in the beauty buried in people, faith in the unseen, sees lights, hears voices, believes in things that have no scientific proof, searches the unknown with fever when it peeks her fancy, believes in right over might, believes butterflies are joy, that leaves have the secrets of time written on them in their colors, believes the truth will always win out in the end, sees each morning as the new start to the rest of your life and lives without regret.
Weaknesses: Inhales books like air, forgets to sleep or eat for days at a time, drives ninety five on the high way with people who like to race, gives out all her pencils willingly, has a habit of becoming completely deaf to a situation, obsessive compulsive disorder, a need to collect, a wont to buy things for people simply because the things will make them smile, phases out of concentration and conversations, makes random comments, the world is lost for her muse under inspiration, migraines, boys with bad tempers, girls with deep eyes, likes to take long drives at the drop of a hat without warning to those she leaves or arrives upon, misplaces things (pens, money, days of the week), believes in true love and utter forgiveness.
Special Skills: Go-Go Gadget Talent: Invisibility - also know as, the ability to loose anything she was just holding, in plain sight, within five feet of her.

Placement: The Fifth. The Star's Point. One of Them.

Weapons: One pen, pencil, car, mind, mouth and live journal. Two mock short swords and mini floggers. Three daggers and The Three. Stardrift and Co.
Favorite Quote: "Love Makes Promise You Have To Keep." - Terry Moore

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