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Thing the millionth and third of weird me things

About friending -- no, this isn't one of those messages where I tell you I'm making a cut or etc, etc, etc -- as it's caught me during the last month or so that my pursuing of other peoples journal follows a strange and silly pattern. And really this follows for anyone. The people I find on random. The people who lj comments says have friended me. For the people I've already had friend for months or even years. The people who people on my friends list or communities are talking about.

1) I click on your name and go to your profile first. I'll glance over, study and read in this order....your name, the name of your journal, the name of your website and how close or far you live to me. You get amusement and interest points for literature/music/art reference, for words I have to look up in a dictionary.

2) I linger for a moment on your default icon, but delay the gratification, and move to your profile. I read over everything in your profile. I look for substance, honesty and expression. These can be shown as in many different ways as there are colors in the world. Depending on how much work you have there I form opinions of how long you've had your live journal. I skip your interests, glance at your education level and check how many friends you have, on my way to reading what communities you read.

3) I glance to see if we have emboldened friends or communities in common. Then begin flicking through your communities, pulling the ones with interesting names up in different tabs. This will distract me from your page for about three to five minutes on a good well packed community set on your profile. If it takes longer it's because you've treasure I've just discovered and this gives me more leave to love. Once that is gone I turn to the place I'd wanted to start.

4) Your icons. I love icons. I love icons more than most things. I am the person who chooses to receive the update every time someone on my flist gets new icons uploaded and I have a little over 4,500 on my laptop right now. I think art, symbols and words say more about you as a person that anything I am looking at, because they force you to choose the most important things to represent about yourself in 100x100 squares. I think that walking through your icons is like walking through the hall of mirrors in a museum of your soul.

I look even deeper here for substance, honesty and expression. Even more for art, literature, music, politics, tv shows, religion, humanity and views on life. This shows me more recent obsessions and deep opinions, or afflictions. The flush of humor, the brush of tears, the witty commentary on the day or a symbol section of something know. This is the place where I feel out whether I see the balance is in your display of yourself to you....since icons are such personal thing we form attachments and opinions over. The are no wrong answers in the soul.

I apraise you a little harder for a moment if your icons are all made by you because artists learn best through love of others' art. On the other hand if it is not by you and I love it I open the icon makers journal and this, too, may distract me from your journal for five minutes to hours.

5) Then I settle back, push the backwards button, hit your user name and go to read your words. I read a good page or two.

I look for reality and realism first, seconded only by the ability to hold beauty in your hands no matter what is going on. I have been startled by the depth of movement I've heard over someone's parting or the breeze coming through someone's window. Or even the monotony of what work is like when the clock is ticking and someone's suit is sticking to their upper arms. How it feels to be a mother, a student, a tear drop, or a passing moment in time.

I want to slip inside you and walk around at this point, figuring out whether I would be hearing your words truly and whether I am willing to undress my soul for you now, as my friendslist has so few filters.

6) And then, being ADHD, as shown by the multiple appearances above, I probably go write responses to game comments, send an aim to my love, or stare at my bunny running around in its cage, and come back to earth, after a while, to finally decide.
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