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I forgot my kindle (after forgetting my water bottle)! So I guess until lunch time, when I'll run home for both -- because, seriously, world, what is a day without books and tea? Do those types of days exist? -- I will simply have to write something to fill that time instead.

Last night was marking down my third to last Christmas. I spent the evening on my couch reading the first half of Allegiant, putting me squarely over the 120+ books read this year, and trying treats from my new Escapes box, ala the small (but heavenly) almond cookie you heard about a tiny chocolate and my new Stash Christmas Teas, Maple Apple Cider and Christmas in Paris.

Sadly, I'm not in love with either, but I have a few packets of each left and I'm not attached to keeping tea I don't love anymore -- So the first 2 (3?) comments to this post (LJ and DW combined, first three people) and requests them I will send you each a sample of the new teas for free.

Christmas with Jason followed afterwards, while the boys were madly prepping to leave for their trip to Chicago this morning. Last minute runs to Target for Jason, while I read and Earl ran about the house packing for the first time. Christmas, itself, a little later was really fun, too.

Jason got tiny Lego people of all The Avengers from Earl and Lord of The Rings from my parents, and 3 series of TV show dvd's he wanted from me. Which I got off his wish list, and he paid me back in kind. We actually had our presents dropped off under the tree days ago when he was there for Yule night and we got out Yule-Day lightsaber chopsticks.

Mine was massive. Well. Mostly it was incredibly long, and I couldn't think of anything outside of a wall scroll that might have fit in it. But he did even better. This year, in my amassment of Amazon wish lists I started a Geeky List finally, and I add t-shirts for organization I want to support and things from shows I want when they pop up on Think Geek's Reduces/Sale lists, and on that list?

Was a lightsaber umbrella. So guess who has a lightsaber umbrella?

It's brilliant. I have manfully managed not to start cackling.

And a second Tardis infuser was in my stocking, to which Jason brilliant called out, "One for work and one for home!" and it has stuck. I am vastly in love with my not-so-tiny silver Tardis on the work desk shelf, and want so badly to make tea with it. (But I forgot my water bottle along with my kindle, so there will be a trip home at lunch for both and the use of all three in the afternoon.)

The morning was early for the boy's flight and my driving them to the airport around when I usually wake up, and even more somber, because Earl got the bad news that his grandmother passed away in her sleep last night, so he'll be gone the week in Chicago with Jason, and then possibly longer in Kentucky for the funeral and related things.

A little under ten minutes to lunch now, so I should post this and prep my keys and the things I need for my fast trip home that shall hopefully not cost me more than 1/3rd of my lunch time. Tea and books (and Tardises!). They are worth it.

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