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  • Mon, 12:00: That was a breathtaking Swan Lake. That was a whole new level of ballet on ice. The insane cheering. Whole new level. #Olympics2014
  • Mon, 12:17: Meryl & Charlie were so gorgeous! Guh. So worth being glued to the tv this morning. #Olympics2014
  • Mon, 12:17: RT @MasiOka: Wow that was beautiful as well.
  • Mon, 12:23: I totally may watch the ice dancing *again* on the replay tonight. Those were gorgeous. How is women's days away & 4 years to next Olympics?
  • Mon, 16:11: Pretty awesomely effective day -- we hit three more places for pricing & picked a Presidents' Day sale set.
  • Mon, 16:14: The store is having financing site problems but the replacement set/financing/holding/delivery is all worked out! <3
  • Mon, 22:54: RT @KaryMcGarrett: “@javiotondo: Book or IPad!!?? :-) http://t.co/xT8Y7ZgVgi” @LizzieM2001 LOL!
  • Tue, 08:42: Yes, coworker, start my morning with treating me like I'm beneath your shoe. It'll fit everything else.
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