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  • Tue, 18:26: Mmmmm. I just finished @hollyblack's Doll Bones. Whatever do I do now? Who knows when her next book comes out and which it is?
  • Tue, 18:37: Just joined http://t.co/ClB8TDSEJb
  • Tue, 19:05: I've watched "The One Percent Solution" (S2 E16) of Elementary (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Tue, 19:05: I've watched "Ears to You" (S2 E17) of Elementary (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Tue, 19:05: I've watched "The Hound of the Cancer Cells" (S2 E18) of Elementary (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Tue, 19:28: Swai fillets. Guh. So amazing, just baked with some salt, pepper, and garlic. So delightful.
  • Tue, 19:42: Can someone link me to whomever's facebook or instagram had the recent Catherine Afghanistan BTS shot? I lost it, and need it. #H50
  • Tue, 19:51: Oy. Nevermind. I found it. It's not another BTS @instagram I need to follow. I would not like to follow that one even a day still.
  • Tue, 21:36: I've watched "The Repo Man In The Septic Tank" (S9 E17) of Bones (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Tue, 21:36: I've watched "Throwing it All Away" (S10 E15) of Grey's Anatomy (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Tue, 21:52: Huh. I wonder if people are right about what is coming, given that newest statement over there.
  • Tue, 22:00: Okay, okay. Lemme go see if I can find my source thing/person who was telling me.
  • Tue, 22:48: #Helix, baby. You are so damn creepy sometimes. You slide between Creepy, Homey, Amazing, Inspirational, Science, and So Much else.
  • Tue, 22:49: And then, just as I'm missing the elevator music, you bring it on during the worst scene. All picturesque music. #Helix #ILOVEYOU
  • Tue, 22:59: Well. That was....anticlimactic as saves fo. Which makes me think something massive and horrid is right around the corner. #Helix
  • Tue, 23:04: Anytime the cocktail music comes on, you know people are dying and horrible things are happening. #Helix #ILoveYou
  • Wed, 09:38: One song into the playlist and I'm having Jo-Sokka-Lee(-Dean) feelings. @trelali @weaverandom @debilinton
  • Wed, 11:30: @blueofthebay leaves and I remember suddenly that there are other characters in my head. Pretty (cont) http://t.co/FU02Q0djsr
  • Wed, 11:32: RT @mstiefvater: I keep seeing all these women-written YAs adapted by manly screenwriters. No offense to men, but don't they make screenwri…
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