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  • Mon, 16:28: End of a (sooooo very) long day of work. Do I want to scrounge for boxes or go buy soup more?
  • Mon, 19:12: One more massive box down. A little more reorganizing of the mass amount of things the will end up donated. Need 2-5 more boxes before bed.
  • Mon, 19:13: Fee & Sarah are THE BEST. #OrphanBlack
  • Tue, 07:24: RT @UNICEF: #BringBackOurGirls. We repeat call for immediate release of Nigerian school girls. RT to stand with #Nigeria! http://t.co/tH7F3
  • Tue, 07:32: This packing thing consumes me -- I leave my bedroom for my meds, and instead end up taking down all my pictures that were left up.
  • Tue, 08:00: One minute to work, and I'm sitting here planning things I want to pack in nine hours. I think the laundry area and the bed table tonight.
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