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  • Fri, 20:43: Aw, man this is perfect. The music and the images in that reveal-flashback. #H50 I'm in so much approval.
  • Fri, 20:44: RT @StevenLilien: Even when writing this flashback scene, we knew how hard it would be to watch. So tragic, sad. #H50 #H50Friday
  • Fri, 20:44: RT @squeeothemoment: So much squee and happiness on my timeline right now. I don't even give one shit I'm getting spoilers lmao #H50
  • Fri, 20:48: And then Steve's RP/Ask Tumblr rolled over the 200 count number in the middle of the episode. Of course, it did. #H50
  • Fri, 20:50: You know I'm thinking I need to order from L &L (@hawaiianbbq) for my Friday nights, to eat with my #H50 viewing from here on.
  • Fri, 20:53: RT @StevenLilien: Mile marker 8, where Hollier's daughter died. So tragic. #H50
  • Fri, 20:53: RT @BryanWynbrandt: Here comes the motive. And why we named the episode FAMILY MAN. It's about what people will do for the ones they love. …
  • Fri, 20:54: RT @StevenLilien: Such an emotional performance by Brian White! #H50
  • Fri, 20:55: I need to scream about this scene. That was perfect. I have so many thoughts. About quote. Danny. Steve. All of it. #H50 #WritingDoneRight
  • Fri, 20:56: And back to Matt! Book ended beginning and ending. #H50
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