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  • Fri, 12:59: When did Cheetos start making weird crazy flavors? http://t.co/WPs6ckmAnz
  • Fri, 18:27: #H50 themed night now with hawaiianbbq dinner of loco moco, butter moci & direct-from-Hawaii Hawaiian… http://t.co/VVKLtISVpt
  • Fri, 18:37: RT @H50_Writers: Five-0 Fans! Along with our very own @byrdie5522, legendary director @joe_dante will be LIVE Tweeting during 2night's ALL …
  • Fri, 18:38: How is it not time yet? I've waited seven days. #H50
  • Fri, 18:38: *pines quietly, making heart eyes at the tv* #H50
  • Fri, 18:41: Awesomely, while buying my dinner at @hawaiinbbq, I ran into a lovely Hawiian-born serviceman and we talked for a while about foods and etc
  • Fri, 18:44: Because, as the guy pointed out, if the locals are eating it, you know you should be coming here. *draws hearts around her @hawaiianbbq too*
  • Fri, 18:52: I think this @hawaiianbbq loco moco is going to end up dinner and tomorrow's lunch. Its so massive I don't think I can finish it.
  • Fri, 19:05: If I eat the rest of this I may never get to eat my butter mochi dessert, and it was picked out especially for me by my server and local
  • Fri, 19:05: All brown caramelized edges.
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