Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

I don't miss the tiny miracles that dot like stars.

When things are dark, and just beginning to lighten with the coming of dawn, the stars become a white almost silver, fading into and out of the firmament. The amazing surprises of my current life do this, too. I remember them when prompted and sometimes forget them entirely when I'm not. This another one of them. I mentioned it very briefly, in one line, in that post.

I backed the Book Club, because, well. Children who love reading, books and comics. Who wanted/were planning to go to the Comic Con and Book Festival I was already planning to attend. Because I saw a kindred spirit in the brand new librarian who was brand new at the same time as me. So I let myself get easily swayed into it, even though new teachers are encouraged not to get involve with extra curricular's until their second year.

The first meetings were adorable. The Comic Con was a blast. The bus to and from the Book Festival was one of those epiphanic moments of seeing yourself in the reverse of the past (as a child, on these field trips, reading books for hours as the bus drove a city away) and the present (as a teacher suddenly of a bus full of children, giddy with delight to go up and to come back, reading in every position in their bucket seats) all at once.

The thing I did not expect happened two weeks later. I got a text message from our librarian, who, to begin with, never texts me when she can e-mail me. Asking me to come to the library as soon as possible, instead of simply at the end of the day or within the next few days. So, I stepped out on my class playing jeopardy, in the good hands on my co-teacher, Ms. V. Got to the library to learn --

I had talked to someone (of the the many someone's I talked and rambled all excitedly at) during the book festival -- about loving my new school, my new children, my new librarian, and how it was rocky but beautiful, and I loved it so much -- was donating a large sum of money to the book club, and her business was matching as well.

I've known about for a few weeks. Along with my librarian friend, the main senior bookclub boy who loves me since the book festival already, and my co-teacher. My English lead found out not too long after. My principal found out the Friday before Thanksgiving break, from my librarian at Teacher Breakfast, which was, coincidentally, two days after he officially hired me as a teacher. He tracked me down and it led to some faint blushing and grinning.

Which brings us to today --

It's taken three or four weeks to work out the details, but as of today we finally have a number. Apparently, ten or fifteen minutes of loving something exuberantly, and with no expectation, is worth a thousand dollars in my name for the bookclub. It feels little too surreal still, but it's not a terrible feather to see in my hat as I go into the job.

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