Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

A scattering of other happy things

February 2015 Ipsy
Lip Stain, Blush, Face Oil, Hair Spray, Eyelash Curler

Roses & Chocolate from my best friend

Sparkling Limoncello Luxury Hand Soap & Hand Lotion

The last one was a sheer surprise. I got a lovely scented lotion from the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale for Christmas in Lemon-Pomegranate, but every single time I used it I would get a headache. So I took it back, to exchange for like. Which I couldn't do, but I found these instead, on sale, and got to use my credit on them, and these two are divine.

I actually go out of my way to remember to wash my hands and lotion them after doing my dishes (which happens a bit more regularly, because of having to clean the cast iron so much, too). I'm so deeply in love with the scent, and the moments I brush my nose or rub my eye and suddenly smell Limoncello, and the knowledge it's got olive oil to nourish my hands, too, after chemicals.

I very much may need to get the Sparkling Limoncello candle from them, too.

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