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The mini-gaming intro link

her name is a golden bell hung in my heart,
I would break my body to pieces to call her once by her name

Name: Amanda
Age: Quite young, earliest 30's

Gender: Cis-Female
Sexuality: Bisexual and Demisexual/Polyamorous
Astrology: Taurus (sun), Capricorn (moon), Pisces (rising)
Occupation: Writer, Traveler, Singer, Student, Reader, Spiritualist
Location: Deep in the heart of Texas (granted horses, boots, and hats at birth)

Education: BA & MA in English Literature & Language
Employment: Special Education/English High School Teacher;
Board Member of a 501c3; Organizer of a very active 1400+ participant SciFi Group
Leader of three HS Extracurriculars: GRACE, Book & Comic Book Club, Freshma Leadership
New Officer for SA Chapter of GeekGirlBrunch & Local Chapter Lead for Wanderful

Random Interested Facts
I was trained for 17 year as a High Soprano.
I've never been in the closet in my entire life, for anything.
I was college drop out, then did a 16 month Dean's Honor List Masters.

Longer (Normal LJ/DW) Intro: Found Here
Interests/Fandoms/Media Consumed: Found Here

RP Stats

Started: 20 years ago
Start Location: Chathouse, West Wing
1st Characters: Gabrielle (Xena), Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Illyana Rasputin, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Gabrielle de Lioncourt, and Maharet (....it was a super busy first year as a teenager and a roleplayer?)

1st game I ran: Age 15/16, gamers 100ish, PBEM, ran 4 years
Games Run: Chat, Play-By-Email, and Journal Based

Longest Participating in Game: Milliways (9 yrs)
Longest Character: Jean Grey (20 yrs), Lady Marian & Jo Harvelle (9 yrs)

Muse List: Found Here
Current Games: Sixth Iteration, Medietas, Tumblr, & Private

The Best of It
When I am inspired, I will (all but literally) be on fire.
A million explosions and a billion, sprawling, detailed ideas.
This "inspired" can last anywhere from one night to five years.

You want a girl who will run your long game, that's me. You want a girl who will tear apart her characters, put them back together, let them fall in love, lust, hate, friends, family, enemies, epic mistakes and miracles, and still make them work for their lives the same as you or me, that's me. My characters are flawlessly faulted people with a million contradicting dimensions and I love putting them through the whole gamut that gaming/a life can. There's almost nothing that is off limits, and for a good number of people I've gamed with a long time, nothing really ever is.

I can meta apart anything that I love down to it's atomic pieces, with fifteen thousand quotes and picture proofs, and tell you exactly how every atom of that erudite, explicit dissection from the whole actually makes every other part of the whole what it is and exactly how if you changed even an atom of it how the end result would change as well and to where with an insanely specific, and equally logically backed up, degree.

And I will give you a soundtrack with 600 songs to go to both of them.

I am a good writer, and I am aware of it. Not arrogant about, as I'm just as often subjectively disbelieving of it and endless frustrated about not being able to find the words I want to describe something just so, just like...aware. I paid thousands of dollars for two degrees for it on one hand, and on the other hand, I read over 100 books a year, which vastly effects writing, speaking, vocabulary, diction, characterization, world-building skills as a continual never ending process, and, well, people keep telling me it (both as a compliment and as an 'unnerved by' point of order).
The Worst of It
I am ADHD (since the age of 4), OCD, Bipolar. I have IBS (and a bad reaction to a lot of foods), Gurds, insomia, and horrific migraines (the last to which 40+ types of medication all can't help). I am hypersensitive on 100% of my body, have two compressed discs in my neck, capal tunnel (since the age of 14), and my knees/ankles have tendonosis and like to give without warning at a normal click.

My body and my brain can be the least hospitable of places at best and the worst of times, and all the three of us spend all of our time not looking at that thing. This is a life long thing, and there are several related and disparate parts to it. I'm on a lot for it, and I have to see a number of people for it. Complicatedly, I vacillate between being entirely willing to talk about these things and really not wanting to. But it means I can at points absolutely lose the ability, with and without warning, to person both physically and mentally. This can happen for a few hours to months.

You'll, also, realize as you get to know me that I do my best not to let any of this slow me down or take my life from me. I weight lift four times a week, have eaten 95% since about 20, and I love, love, love to travel the world.

Unlike almost all of my characters, I am insanely sensitive at times, especially if I value your opinion, and 9 times out of 10, I will never say a single word about it, the how, the why, anything.

Since I don't play any character willy-nilly, my muse for a character is usually either 100% on, or it's 10%, and I get super guilty when I can't meet my responsibilities (especially if one of the loudest voices, see all those six faces above, is at 1000% and it's defaulting everyone else to like...5%, if that much).
Places to find me
[personal profile] wanderlustlover | wanderlustlover
[AIM: JGPhoenix (Invs)
GTalk: Wanderlustlover (Invs)
Discord: wanderlustlover#6353]

[plurk.com profile] wanderlustlover | [twitter.com profile] wanderlustlover
[archiveofourown.org profile] wanderlustlover | [tumblr.com profile] wanderlustlover
[last.fm profile] wanderlustlover | (and Spotify)

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