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  • Sun, 20:54: Yeah. It's pieces like that showing up in my @newsblur that make it hard to have patience with some people.
  • Sun, 20:55: Actually, in necessary @newsblur question worthiness -- I've lost how to make a FB fan-page into an rss again, and I need it back. HELP?
  • Sun, 21:23: 3 of 5 stars to The Everything Paleolithic Diet Slow ... by Emily Dionne https://t.co/QrGGN18fRZ
  • Mon, 09:34: I think I want to get a nice large tea pitcher to have fruit infused water in my fridge during the summer months in the house.
  • Mon, 10:04: Best friend got her beach surprise and it reminded me I need to buy a sun hat still for this summer. The vogue list of them is super pretty.
  • Mon, 10:05: I think I want a big floppy pretty one I can charge scarf bands out on to match my outfits/bathing suit/my two new shiny wraps.
  • Mon, 10:08: Oh, oh, oh. I could get a new white one, like the one I had in Korea once upon a time.
  • Mon, 10:19: Marked as to-read: Sex Criminals, Vol. 2 by Matt Fraction https://t.co/bxfz2a06um
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