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  • Wed, 19:34: My last purchase for the Think Geek Con bag prep for DC: poster tube dressed up geek chic & in need… https://t.co/jCtBTdKopf
  • Wed, 20:46: Dear self, stop sulking over the morning Airport Taxi problem or watching #Scandal because of it and pack the makeup and last things for DC.
  • Wed, 23:26: Eating dinner at nearly midnight. Four hours for needing to drive to the airport. Hominey, clams, and spices. It's so simple, but so good.
  • Thu, 04:19: Airport acquired! Car in long term parking! #DragonCon, here I come!
  • Thu, 05:16: Sleepy in the airport. Just finished my lesson plan for next week, because boarding is still 15-20 minutes off.
  • Thu, 05:59: Taking off! I love you all and I'll either see you in a few hours of return to you on the other side of this weekend!
  • Thu, 08:09: Arrived in Atlanta! Only a few hours and I'll have my Laura, too!
  • Thu, 08:57: On the Marta & headed to Peach Tree! (For those coming later and curious, my train car is nearly deserted)
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