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  • Fri, 18:59: Get More Done and Beat Procrastination https://t.co/DqUtoOKxd2
  • Fri, 19:09: When you're staring at a call to donate blood and mostly twitchy because you tried a month ago, all gung ho and happy, and it was a wreck.
  • Fri, 20:12: @Starbucks, your Cold Buster even kicks your Medicine Ball out of the water. I just want to live on these until my couch is gone now.
  • Fri, 20:28: RT @LaurenDeStefano: how to shop online, writer edition http://t.co/VpwQzIrLN2
  • Fri, 20:49: RT @tauruscopehere: #Taurus turn tragedy into triumph.
  • Fri, 21:31: RT @CheekyBeckett: @celspi Roses are red, violets are blue, i'm destroying my show, because I'm obsessed with you. (&because I can't write …
  • Fri, 21:31: RT @ibyshire: It's weird. All the folks who don't like McRollins are like, "welp, she'll be back" and all the folks who do are like, "it's …
  • Sat, 00:32: The thing about writing a re-mix, Mrs. Meyer, is that you have to re-mix things. Not just give new masks to the same people/story #page81
  • Sat, 00:44: .....I don't want to reread entirely the same story with just a gender flip. Where exactly are these new pieces? #page92 #drinkcap
  • Sat, 00:55: I feel like I could write a treatise on gender roles, and why this whole read feels so entirely off, more with every page. #page105
  • Sat, 01:54: "By all means, please work on your expressions of horror.” I think I would like Edythe if she wasn't hamfisted with Edward's story #page171
  • Sat, 01:56: I'm incredibly tired of hearing about her dimples every few paragraphs though. Girls have more than one winning trait.
  • Sat, 02:03: I have such a hard time picturing Beau The Boy. Who has all the same mannerisms and reactions as Bella basically. #page181
  • Sat, 02:09: This is going to make me want to dust off my character for Milliways, isn't it?
  • Sat, 02:26: The prom break-off scene is just....no. Just. No. I can't even sentences. Just. No. #page201 Are we five really.
  • Sat, 02:30: Pausing here for the night. At the halfway mark. At least this is an easy skim-read job. Especially as I do not enjoy rereading even favs.
  • Sat, 10:18: Also, call it my personal bias (or Edward's) but Archie is not Alice. I'm waiting for these supposed new Beau-Archie scenes. #page215
  • Sat, 10:20: Twilight Zone feelings all over Twilight AURemasted by the actual author, who is failing at her Meta Point/Gender Rebuttal everywhere.
  • Sat, 10:26: So Bella gets dazzled, while Beau just wants to prostrate and worship a goddess. #yesIjustgottothemeaddowscene #SPARKLEPOWERACTIVATE
  • Sat, 10:32: Annnnd "dazzling" makes an appearance finally. #page232
  • Sat, 10:36: ......okay the Esme to Earnest analogies just come off wrong in the meadow scene, too. #page235
  • Sat, 10:37: RT @mtaurustweets: #Taurus make amazing friends. Dependable, trustworthy, they may give you a good lecture or two but they always have your…
  • Sat, 10:44: O_O You kept this scene? See, this is why I don't understand making Edyth tiny and delicate as well. #page243 #WHY
  • Sat, 10:50: Wait. Did you just change parts of the origin story, too? #page249 (Can I copy all my tweets into my goodreads instead of a review?)
  • Sat, 10:54: RT @StarbucksMenu: Try this #Starbucks version of #HarryPotters Pumpkin Juice! Recipe here: http://t.co/z118n4i4E6 http://t.co/GKCYqsXWBi
  • Sat, 10:57: I am so incredibly tired of the dimpled smile. I want to cross out almost every use of it at this point. Overuse annoys the hell out of me.
  • Sat, 11:02: "Herculean, but possible." And these are the things you decide to revise, rather than like plot points and figurative language. #page261
  • Sat, 11:12: Annnnnd here comes the sex talk I heard rumors of being added in here. // We'll just O_o at this one, too. Mixing in Book4. #endofchapter14
  • Sat, 11:15: I remain steadfastly sure of the same thing I was about the other four books. I just want to know more about The Cullens. No one else really
  • Sat, 11:21: Whhhhut. Carine, who works with 'humans,' especially broken ones, all day, should not be super nervous about a handshake. #page280
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