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  • Mon, 16:12: Realizing suddenly that your gym iPhone case suddenly doesn't work.
  • Mon, 17:33: My new iPhone 6s case. I may never stop petting it. https://t.co/lXsRWWIS6X
  • Mon, 19:45: My family is the best. I have 3 containers of turkey(/duck?) meat and three bags full of bones. You guys have totally blessed my freezer.
  • Mon, 19:46: Today I made gravy with two cups of the turkey bone broth instead of any water, too. It turned out gloriously.
  • Mon, 21:41: Dear self, lemons into lemonade. It's not as though that document file is sitting open for its own amusement.
  • Mon, 22:42: I'm fighting with my words, so I think I need to give up on it and sleep and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow continues to be another day.
  • Mon, 22:44: My writing never likes being forced, and when it is it's never right either.
  • Mon, 23:24: Yuletides Past Meme (2007-2015) https://t.co/0qdXss0ida
  • Tue, 06:49: My 2015 Advent Calendar https://t.co/xwiDgnLF9n
  • Tue, 06:53: 2015 Advent Calendar: Day 1 - Zemtstern / Cinnamon Star & Heart https://t.co/Px1X8Ta5gp
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