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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 11: Surround Yourself

Day 11

*Surrounding yourself with resources that inspire and motivate you is extremely valuable… especially when it comes to starting off a new year with new goals and new ambitions. Get out your journal and make a list of resources that can help to inspire and motivate you this year.*

I do so much of this. I love surrounding myself with good. I am signed up for the daily messages from Notes from the Universe, Daily Inspiration,, and B*tches Get Shit Done (which is totally a lot more positive than it's title feels, it's normally just called BGSD which is easier for me).

I read so many books a year, and this year has already started out with Big Magic and The Magic of Tidying which talk a lot about doing positive things for your space, mind, body, soul and I do a lot of those in a year. Oh, I should could The Four Fold Way, too, as I'm going to be reading it through the whole year with a class and I'm most of the way through the first/Warrior Chapter, too.

I did sign-up for a number of things due to the examples on this today, too. A handful of 'happy news article' sites, including a TED talk article and the Huffington Happy Posts. Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons podcast. I belong to a number of meet ups that simply exist in my life because they bring joy to the passions of my life: art groups, cooking groups, women's groups, wine groups, on and on.

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