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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 27: "I Rock" List

Day 27

*The practice of celebrating our own accomplishments, character, charm, wit, decisions, and difference-making that we orchestrate on a daily basis is a ritual worthy of developing. See yourself! Today, write an “I Rock because...” list to celebrate your own beauty, power and savoir-faire, as well as the progress you’re making in all areas of your life.*

I rock because I'm great at my job. I rock because I run 5 different groups in my life. I rock because I run a group that has 1,300 people and 4-8 different kinds of meetings a month. I rock because I have great friends. I rock because I have people in my life who support everything I do and am. I rock because I had awesome parents who raised me that way. I rock because I have great bosses who want to work with me and who support my continued growth.

I rock because I refuse to give up on my authenticity. I rock because I refuse to put up with negative, power mongers or biased people in my life. I rock because I am not willing to be ashamed or secretive about anything 'different' about me in my life, be it religion, sexuality, or interests. I rock because I eat amazingly healthy food. I rock because I am still weight lifting a year later. I rock because I'm keeping up with all my To-Do's.

I rock because I've nearly nailed this 30 Day Project and I'm going to cross the finish line soon!

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