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Job Updates

It's official as of today, my first day rolled into the company and on the payroll (with my tiny raise) is next Monday, January 13th!

I do little things that make me happy as I'm getting into this. I bought myself a Scatter Joy! desk calendar that is gorgeous. Yesterday it said 'Joy' and today it's got long quotes/thoughts on Hope. I've brought the travel books in my Escapes Subscription boxes, and I'm both reading them here, to read them, and keeping them here, to remind myself on hard days, all my hard work is working toward traveling the world.

Which it is. This year is plotted out. I have a summer trip I've been talking about take for two years. I have Dragon*con like every year. I have Christmas with my family up north. (And, possibly, a Blue Moon Meets, depending on the timing/forewarning to work?)

And in 2015? I'm going to a new country. I don't even care which one right now. But I'm going. I'm not planning for any trips over D*C and Family Christmas in 2015 right now because of this, and I'm going to be very careful with my savings this year because of it.

Maybe I'll tag along with my parents trip to England in the fall of 2015. Maybe I'll take TravelZoo up on these whirlwind e-mail trip they send me e-mail lists of to places like beach-front Jamaica for 7 days, hotel and air at $800. I don't know where or which yet. But I'm going. Out into that beautiful world.

That's my gift and goal to myself for landing a real job. The last four years have been quietly, slowly suffocating without a new place (since getting back from Korea; save for that whirlwind road trip of last year, which totally was a great holdover thing), and it's my big future goal.

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