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  • Fri, 18:16: I've watched "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics" (S5 E3) of Community (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Fri, 19:20: I've watched "Simon Says" (S1 E7) of Almost Human (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Fri, 19:20: I've watched "Clavado En Un Bar" (S3 E11) of New Girl (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Fri, 19:20: I've watched "The Occupation Recalibration" (S7 E13) of The Big Bang Theory (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Fri, 20:55: I've watched "All In The Family" (S2 E13) of Elementary (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Fri, 21:08: I just saw a #h50 Cath spoiler that would have made me really happy like four months ago, if it existed back then. I'm so....confused.
  • Fri, 21:11: Hmmmm. Do I want to be hopeful about people sound hopeful about Amber/Danny? #H50
  • Fri, 21:24: RT @worldofdiana: I know it's too late now, but it would've been more interesting to have Grover bond w/Chin rather than be another BFF 4 S…
  • Fri, 21:50: RT @PhoenixWytch: I want to see some dad bonding moments between #Grover & #DannyWilliams. Aren't they both single dads? #H50
  • Fri, 22:09: RT @ibyshire: I get the sense that huge chunks of Grace's interests/life, is bamboozling to Danny, but damn if he isn't going to give her 1…
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