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Media Consumption from January

Anderson, Laurie - The Impossible Knife of Memory
Clare, Cassandra - The Last Stand of the New York Institute
Clare, Cassandra - The Midnight Heir
Deimer, Jennifer & Sarah - Project Unicorn, Vol. 2
De Stefano, Lauren - Perfect Ruin
Hasbrouke, Edward - The Practical Nomad: How To Travel Around the World
Valente - The Shoot-Out at Burnt Corn Ranch over The Bride of the World

Welcome to Night Vale

Web Serials
The Brainscoop
Casey Jay Tuck
C.G.P Grey
Crash Course
Dan Is Not On Fire
Dragon*Con Tv
Geek & Sundry's Fetch Quest, The Guild & Space Janitors
Geek & Sundry Vlog's Amy, Geeking Out, Katy, James, Sachie & DIY Guy
Mental Floss
Pemberly Digital
SciShow & SciShow Talkshow
Swot Sisters
Vlog Brothers

Almost Human 1.07, 1.08
Arrow 2.10, 2.11
Bones 9.12-9.14
Community 5.01-5.05
Elementary 2.12, 2.13
Hawaii Five-0 4.11-4.13
Helix 1.01-1.04
Killer Women 1.01
New Girl 3.11-3.13
Person of Interest 3.12, 3.13
Revenge 3.11-3.13
Revolution 2.10-2.12
Sherlock 3.01-3.03
Supernatural 9.10-9.11
Teen Wolf 3.13
The Big Bang Theory 7.12, 7.13
The Originals 1.10-1.11
The Vampire Diaries 5.11
White Collar 5.10-5.12

Shows in Reserve until fall of Spring: Avatar, SHIELD, Wonderland, Killer Women

Saving Mr. Banks
On the Waterfront
The 71st Golden Globes 71.1
The 65th Grammy Awards

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