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  • Thu, 19:05: Why don't I make enough money to patron all the arts. I am full of a want to see all the opera again tonight.
  • Thu, 21:42: AUGH. Haven. Why do you have a 26 episode season 5? This is like Teen Wolf's sudden mega season, too.
  • Thu, 23:11: 1 Mill Words Jan: 30 100-in-100 word prompts, 3 ficlets, 1 epic AU WIP. 1 mnth Goal: 3000 words. Word count written at present? 7000+
  • Fri, 06:54: RT @blueofthebay: @comiXology Any chance of getting an iOS desktop app anytime soon? My internet connection is too poor to read my comics o…
  • Fri, 07:42: Woke up with the first alarm around 6:30 and wasn't groggy in the slightest. There was a total "THANK GOD" at the thought of it being Friday
  • Fri, 07:42: Smoothie made, lunch packed, chinese tea eggs made this morning for the event I forgot about/remembered in the nick of time is tonight.
  • Fri, 07:53: lost 0.5 lbs since her last weigh-in! #myfitnesspal #myfitnesspal
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