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This is what we call hold music.

So everything in my life has turned even more upside down, inside out, and woefully unbalance by the day -- and among the vast, assorted details I'll leave for another locked post, Earl moves out in twelve days from now, of which I may only chance seeing him on five of those -- but we're not going to focus on that for this post. Because 95% of my life has been swallowed whole by that situation, and this is what I've been doing with the other 5%.

The 5% dedicated to keeping me sane and holding me together.

Monday Night was a meeting for my Sci-Fi group that I run, hosting an event, put forward by another member. We helped campaign for and get brought into town, and get enough tickets sold, for a showing of Knights of Badassdom. Hhhooolllyyy omg, that was not what I expected it be. It's what I expected it to be right up until like 1/3rd into it, and then it becomes a straight up horror film, and then a crazy musician power ballad movie.

But I was right, even with the movie taking a hard veer and going in the direction absolutely no one thought it would be after the trailer, it was still worth seeing for the hilarious and bad humor jokes being shared by the group that came there with me. (I, also, ran into four people from Amtgard that I last ran into, magically and surprisingly, at Dragon*Con last year, which was, also, awesome.)

Tuesday Night was the once a month meetup for the Wine Group that has a free wine class. This month we did Italy, and surprisingly, gloriously, I ended up bringing home a red wine. I really love this class, even if I can't quite afford the trips they are talking about planning. I love the classes, and I love that I'm picking up an affordable, sale bottle, from the classes as time goes on.

Wednesday Night I finally followed through on last summer's dedication to The Fathom Events loving and got back into watching the live HD broadcasts of current playing opera's from The Met. This week(/month) was Rusalka, and it was glorious. I was so in love with it. The lavish sets. The amazing costumes. The parallel story like 'the little mermaid' but told about a lake water sprite written in Czech in the 1800's. The stunning tale of human passion vs. immortal love.

I am already on pins and needles about the next one at the beginning of March, which is Prince Igor and it's the first time The Met has done it in over 100 years. I think I'm going to try to catch the last five productions in The Met's 2014 spring schedule if it's possible. And spend more time doing these things. The Fathom events for opera, ballet, plays. The kinds of things that make me heart soar.

Thursday Night was last night and it was dedicated to an evening at the McNay Museum, which is my home museum and this year/weekend it is celebrating it's 60th anniversary. There was their normal Second Thursday celebration with drinks, music, and food trucks. But I mostly went for the lecture of the evening, which was the original bequest of the founder being discussed by all the current curators.

I love this museum so much, and I love that all the help desk is beginning to know me by face. And they'll dash through the lobby to give me my sticker without asking to see my membership card now. And they'll call me by name when I'm walking out, and drag me back to the desk to discuss what was going on in the event downstairs, or whether I liked the new exhibit I came to see, or just anything and everything.

I'm very sure I'm the youngest person in the members showing up regularly, but I like that I'm really making it my home, and I'm really kind of hoping I keep this membership through into next year. Because I really love this museum, the things it teaches me, shows me, and the interesting relationships i'm growing with the people there.

Friday Night, which brings us to tonight -- was my very first rodeo show and concert night. This is beautiful, but, also, bittersweet, as my plan for Rodeo Vacation with a friend next weekend, that I'd been pinning all my "Good Things Are Coming Soon" breathing mechanisms on crumbled to dust and broke Tuesday or Wednesday of this week as well. So it's my first rodeo night alone, and all of them will be. Which is hard, and wistful, and a little sad, even when I'm good at doing all my things alone.

Tonight, though, I managed to sell off all my now-extra concert tickets for next week to a scalper and get back 2/3rds of what I paid, which was at least 2/3rds more than anyone in the world seemed interested in. It's a little sharp still, but at least there is some costs recouped.

The rodeo, itself, was wonderful. I arrived a few minutes into the night's show, while they were swearing in a batch of new army recruits on the dirt in the center. Watched through all the rodeo events that I have always loved, and then was pretty much deeply in heaven for the whole following concert. Because this was the concert I knew I'd go to from the second I saw that Heart was coming as one of the twenty-ish.

Guh. Guys. I don't even know if I can put it into words. This one of the groups my parents both had music from during my childhood, and of whom I know almost 90% of their works, and I was hugging my jacket, and squealing like a five year old when they played 'Dog & Butterfly' and my Twitter/Facebook if full of ravings of just song names I belting out with the crowd for a whole hour. So worth it.

I'm home, and the world's weight has redecsended, but it was so so so so worth it to go see them. To see all of them this week, even if this was a lot more crazy packed than most of my weeks every will end up being, too. So worth it though. Beautiful things the whole lot of them. Now to decide whether to post my Valentines Day post or go to bed since I have a scheduled appointment with my relator for the morning.

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