Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

A brand new world, and we begin again

I'm writing from a beautiful little spot called Bluebird Hill, which is one my favorite smaller retreat spots for RCG. I'm currently here for the Leadership Retreat Weekend, that I got to help put together this year. Which was, I have to admit a new challenge but a sort of fun one, too.

I'm letting myself relax in the beauty of far distant, rural beauty of my state, while I let the new beginning of my world sink in. Earl left Thursday, much later than they (he and the boy he left Jason & all of Texas for) intended into the evening. The house is mostly-clean, most of the things he tried to hide for me to have to donate/trash for him later were found as he was running out the door, and my new living room set has been moved in.

The late leave meant I couldn't go grocery shopping that night, but that ended up fine. I puttered around the house, trying to decide if it felt different. Even though 90% of my nights for the last four years were spent alone in the house, since he worked nights, too. I think that part will take a lot longer to sink in, because of how true that was, and how alternate our schedules were.

I'm adjusting to the whole new couch thing. The couches are...big. Fluffy, soft, tall. Different than what I envision myself as having, but as were the pineapples when I got them, and Earl freaked out like the second coming over just these, and they were the cheapest 4-piece set in the city. But they are done, and delivered, and he's long gone to Florida, and I'm away in rustic house in the woods with a plethora of witches.

I feel like my life is giving birth to itself, again. A world of new chances, choices, and paths are available, suddenly. I am standing at the precipice and staring out into the endless infinity of possibility with epic relief and quiet curiosity more than anything else. All the stress and chaos of February is a book I close and put behind me; only boundless potential lies before me now.

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