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It's been a little sparse work-wise today, so I started making an Eharmony profile. Because I'm not all that focused on relationships, but marriage and kids are still this twinkle on the far ocean horizon, and OKCupid is twitter annoyance fodder more than real -- and because both my cousins married someone they met off of it last year.

Well, married the person last year, I don't know how far back the meeting/moving in together each was, at least a year or two really. But it's a winning enough endorsement to look at it. Thus, I started my profile right up to payment option before I had to run off to meet my mother for lunch today. Which I tell her about, because she likes to check in on these things.

I'm flipping through my phone about ten minutes later and this happens --

"Oy. Hey. I haven't even paid. Look at this. His name is --"

"He? But you date girls."

And I just blinked. This owlish sort of blink at the definitive box of those words and that tone around it. Because.....uh, yes, I do date girls. But I, also, date boys. And this has never not been a thing. And sure my last serious this was 'a girl' (with a fiance I wasn't dating), but she is also not my 'last' thing anymore, as she was nearly three years ago (three? Or is it two and half? Three and half? I lost track...I can't even say how relieving it is to realize that just now).

But. I sort of wobbled and waffled in the ooookkkaaayyyy second for a long flounder, because I keep having to explain to my parents I'm not straight up gay. Even though I've never explained myself to anyone in my life as anything but bisexual in over ten years. And continually my parents seem to forget I date, kiss, and like boys (too) now.

Which is a little hilarious. I just sometimes wonder how often I'm going to have this conversation, and amusingly how it is they have awkwardly accepted I have polyamorous tendencies (at times, not always, and not again yet since then), but can't seem to come around to this likes-boys-and-girls things.

Not complaining. Just a little shocked and amused-flustered by it.

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