Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
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  • Mon, 12:05: Five.
  • Mon, 12:47: Dear my lunch, it's not that you're an unappealing meal. It's that every meal is when your last one was 48 hours ago.
  • Mon, 12:48: It would help (you and me) if my body wasn't making my run for the bathroom every 10-15 minutes now, too.
  • Mon, 13:33: Four.
  • Mon, 14:52: So today has new levels of worst all over it. But at least I went home sick & I can go huddle in my bed & pray for passing out soon.
  • Mon, 17:14: #LostGirl How is it you manage to write both relationships well, and showcased in all episodes, and most tv can't even handle one?
  • Mon, 17:18: Oh. Kenz. You are just going to keep breakin' my heart with your awesome. Look at you. All brave, and beautiful, and so human. #LostGirl
  • Mon, 17:32: I've watched "End of a Line" (S4 E11) of Lost Girl (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Mon, 17:32: I've watched "Origin" (S4 E12) of Lost Girl (via @tvshowtracker)
  • Mon, 17:32: I've watched "Dark Horse" (S4 E13) of Lost Girl (via @tvshowtracker)
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