Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

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  • Wed, 22:43: Today pretty much blew. Work was bad, but all non-work times were implosion bombs. ....but the last hour of so wasn't horrible at least.
  • Wed, 22:45: So I think I'm going to go sleep on that. Clutching my hour or so of not-horrible, and a quiet prayer not to end up crying again.
  • Wed, 22:45: I'll try, again, more tomorrow. With the work. And the packing. And the eating. And being something like rational again, world.
  • Thu, 07:59: Oy. So much for that struggle to keep down half my breakfast smoothie and one bite of muffin. Dear body, I need you to be more helpful.
  • Thu, 09:11: Dear body. Stop please liquidating smoothie. I already took 1-1/3 sick days, and tomorrow is a vacation already.
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