Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
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  • Wed, 12:37: Lunch. Halfway through the day.
  • Wed, 13:50: That may be the first lunch I've gotten to see/eat with my (very department spread out) work friends in weeks.
  • Wed, 21:01: Cold. Sleepy. Sick. And it's looking like I'm not even headed home yet. I'm so blinky. (cont) http://t.co/fWtIYEI9oM
  • Wed, 21:28: @_fangirlishness / @_valleygirl07 I got home, but I'm feeling really crappy. I think you guys should go on without me. I may need sleeps.
  • Thu, 07:27: Over 200 girls are missing in Nigeria – so why doesn't anybody care? #234girls http://t.co/UElmVxpj60 via @ChangeGER
  • Thu, 07:35: Dear body, this is why the nice doctor frowns at me. You do the exact opposite of everything they warn me the newest medication should do.
  • Thu, 09:00: 1st follow up Dr call of the day down. Now to wait for my return one. And, hopefully, the house approval call, too.
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