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  • Sat, 14:54: That sound you just heard, that was totally the sound of Amazing Spider-Man 2 ripping out my heart.
  • Sat, 16:27: Oh, god, #GreysAnatomy, I'm so so so not ready for Christina-less/Twisted Sister-less world. My heart isn't ready for that.
  • Sat, 16:29: Oh, Christina and Meredith. Darlings.
  • Sat, 22:01: RT @Ehmee: Male right whales have the largest testes in the world; they can weigh up to 1 ton. Thanks, David Attenborough, for that tidbit.
  • Sat, 22:04: Birthday party tonight was amazing. I still didn't feel so good (physically) but everyone there brightened up my heart so much. Thank you.
  • Sun, 06:44: Awake, in pain, and unable to sleep more, at dawn because of the new medicine, again. Wish this would stop.
  • Sun, 07:33: Need to shower. Or pack. Or convince myself to eat something. But mostly I need my stomach to stop this before I can do any of that.
  • Sun, 08:40: What is with today. Stomach won't stop. Shower happens. Now I'm just a pile of sad. I need to do something. Pack stuff before parents.
  • Sun, 08:48: I'm so tired of being sick. I know many people who've been sick longer (months and years), but I'm so tired at being sick a month now.
  • Sun, 10:29: I've watched "City of Blood" (S2 E21) of Arrow (via @tvshowtracker)
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