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  • Mon, 19:30: RT @elikapekaw: Petition to get Autumn Reeser on #Gotham. Petition to gradually turn Gotham into an OC sequel.
  • Mon, 19:34: #Gotham, I'm a Canon Purist. Like an insane canon purist in a lot of ways. All your faces and the mismatching ages are making me wince.
  • Mon, 19:35: Also, why did Jim's wife need a shadow-y back dark side reference there? #Gotham
  • Mon, 19:40: RT @blueofthebay: The thing is, if I didn't know this was Jim Gordon, I wouldn't care about this dude at all. #Gotham
  • Mon, 19:42: RT @blueofthebay: @Skyliting So far he's had one expression and tone. And monosyllabic dialog doesn't help.
  • Mon, 19:43: RT @AndieTweets: "Why didn't those rich people have the sense to not walk through dark alleys alone in a crime-infested city?" - my grandma…
  • Mon, 19:48: Am I supposed to be feeling more for the poor amateur comic on stage than anyone else in the show? #Gotham
  • Mon, 19:54: Uh. No. #Gotham I don't understand the why of this at all.
  • Mon, 19:55: RT @LaurenDeStefano: Sometimes for no reason you feel lousy, and you shouldn't be shamed out of your feelings because others have it worse.…
  • Mon, 19:56: RT @Skyliting: Kid cobble pot doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. #Gotham
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