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Yuletide Letter 2014

Dear My Amazing Masked Writer,

Hello, there and thank you, thank you, thank you very much. You are one of my very most favorite parts of the holiday season. Getting to write a fic, and knowing there will be something shiny and brilliant waiting for me on Christmas morning, made from my rarest loves by someone with gorgeous artisan hands. Thank you. Really. So much.

I want you to have tons fun with this challenge and not feel pigeon holed, thus do not feel locked, chained and bound to any of the details I will place below. I am a fan of all relationships, slash and het and fem and gen with equal squee. So please feel free to go with whatever fits you best in your writing and know that I'll love it regardless.

I do not like: characters who are one dimensional, characters who sound like they are fourteen or twenty when they aren't, weak underdeveloped villains, nonconsensual anything scenes (unless it's actually show in the canon before hand), abuse, needless character bashing or setting up of people (character a and b go together in this fic thus c and d and e and f must be together to make a and b have happened), weak women, and really unless it's very well written, and has a solid point to plot, I skim most sex scenes.

Things that should definitely be avoided, because they get me on edgy/uncomfortable/annoyed incredibly quickly. Mpreg, possessiveness/overruling jealousy, embarrassment/humiliation, first person present-tense, RPF of all kinds, prejudice, racism, misogyny, bigotry, completely breaking something canon already proved, hatesex, hyper-dependence, high school AUs, furies, infantilism, BDSM (in canons or character it doesn't fit in).

Not all of these dislikes are absolutely universal. I've enjoyed several of these that were done amazingly well, by writers I trust, in canon bubbles I trust. I don't have that same kind of safety net in an anonymous exchange though, and so it's easier for me side with caution over reckless abandon.

I like: plots and character development, especially deeper into the canon which we haven't gotten to see. I love relationships; friends, family, lovers (together and unrequited). Prose that is written as poetry. Good spelling and proper grammar. Narrators (though this one is very hard to have pulled off correctly). I like happy and I like dark. Set the right, true depth in a scene and I'll be there whatever you put it. Scenery and setting, and all the people and places this connects to being present is important.

Strong characters, over whelming emotions, hard truths, hypocritical humanity (or beingness), to be able to feel and touch and hear what is happening, details that fill out the world around my characters makes my heart soar. Emotions, banter, secrets revealed, journals, poetry, literacy. Believable alternate universes, flawed characters, formal wear, bare feet, multiculturalism, twisted endings and what if endings. All sorts of weather, especially windy fall, snowy winter, sunny spring and rain.

I like case fics, adventure fics, family fics, team fics, mystery fics, snapshot fics, back in the day flashback fics. I like plot, so much that it's hard to have that be three tiny words. I adore, above and beyond everything, actual canon details and historical call backs/shout outs to things that happened before. I like worlds that are diverse. I like characters/casts that are diverse. I like varieties of and diversity in everything: women, men, children, race, skin color, multiculturalism, religion, age, disabled, not disabled, gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, gender box figuring out.

I love love stories, too, perhaps, best of all. I don't mean just fluff, but any kind of story even unrequited or parted lovers, deaths, family, friends, etc love stories. If it has love in it somewhere, that is true and beating and not perfect, I will love it.


I. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson, Hugh Collins, Dot Williams
This is my newest baby fandom and I love it so, so, so, so much. My best friend got me into this canon over the summer and I watched all of the first two season sitting on her couch across maybe half of a week, while clutching my pillow and shouting "Their faces!" and "Oh, my god, kiss already!"

I love absolutely everything about this show. I love the costumes, and the setting, and all the characters. I love Phryne's open sexuality that everyone knows about. I love Jack stoic stodginess that Phryne is still only slowly peeling open. I love Dot's innocence, and Hugh's attempts to always be good. I like how both of them balance out Jack and Phryne. I love the whole of the people who flock around Phryne.

I want everything and anything you could give me. I love Jack best, but I would honestly be happy with a side story, or prequel about just anyone in these four.

II. The Originals
Characters: Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Hayley
I didn't not expect to love this show after watching The Vampire Diaries circle the drain of 'Everyone Dies' and everyone suddenly exists to tell the audience why 'Damon & Elena are the Ship to End All Ships.' But wow, oh wow, oh wow, did I fall in love with this show, and all the original vampires. I love the whole complicated, multi-century Mikaelson story.

My favorites is Elijah, followed a few steps behind by Rebecca. I would love to know more about them and how they are handling things in the current show (How is everything going in Elijah's head? How is Rebekah's life, living free of her brothers, raising Hope?). I love Hayley and would love to know more about where she is even. I love Marcus and Devina. I would love to know someone, anyone's history.

III. Revenge
Characters: Emily Thorne, Jack Porter, Nolan Ross, Daniel Grayson, Charlotte Grayson
I have a mini-love affair, due to my last relationship, with Dante/The Long Game from The Count of Monte Cristo, so when this show came out it snapped me write up, and now I belong to Emily/Amanda/The Long Game now.

I love this world. I love the character. I love their emotions. I love how deeply flawed they all are and how simple all the things they truly want are. My favorite is Emily/Amanda, then probably Jack and Nolan both after her. Everyone else is loved, but very much in the third their. Anything that you could do with those three, anywhere in the timeline would be amazing, too.

IV. Nikita (2010)
Characters: Nikita Mears, Michael, Alexandra Udinov, Seymour Birkoff
Another show I never expected to love as much as I do. Though differing from the others these are my four main favorite characters. I don't mind guest appearance of other people, or mentions of them, but I'd rather have a story about these four people or even one of them than have one on anyone else in the rest of the show.

Again, within those four, go anywhere, do anything, and I'll love it. Tell me more about anyone's background, tell me where they ended up previous to the show itself, or things they've been doing around it.

V. Haven
Characters: Audrey Parker, Nathan Wournos, Duke Crocker, Jennifer, Vince Teague, Dave Teague, Dwight
This is one of my three most favorite shows at current, and the only one with a small enough fanbase/AO3 presence that it can be part of Yuletide. I love, love, love, love Haven. I've have been glued to Haven and Audrey since the first episode came out. You could probably do anything with a main focus on almost anyone in this cast (except Jordan, who don't mind as a tertiary character, but don't really want as a main) and I would madly love it.

Tell me about the past, tell me about the future. Tell about Duke & Nathan's childhood animosity. Or about Sarah, Vincent and Dave. Or about The Brothers, Lucy, and James. Tell me about Jennifer's background pre-S4. Tell me anything and everything about the 6 month period between S3 and S4, how Haven handled, what Dwight did. I love this world. I love all of this world. Whatever you decide in this one will make me happy. That said, I'm very much a Nathan/Audrey person, and I don't step outside those lines or canon here.

VI. Elfquest
Characters: Ember, Tear, Mender, Leetah, Cutter, Nightfall, Dewshine, Tyleet, Scouter
This is my fandom ever. I started reading these comics when I five, and I wrote letters in germanic ruins in high school, where my best friend and I called each other a name from the book and referred to our parents, boyfriends and friends as names relevent to these characters as code. I am still following the Pini's, the end of the story and pining for the first world that opened my eyes amazing to everything a sweeping saga could be in the comic form.

My favorite character in the series is Ember, but I deeply love so many of the rest of the characters. I would love to know and read anything you wanted to writer about Ember. But I'd also love anything about the love stories in these books. I have a massive dedication especially to the OT3 stories in this universe. The bonds between Cutter & Skywise & Leetah. The pairing of Scouter, Dewshine and Tyleet, and how they work together so well. Everything, everything, everything. You could literally write about anyone in this list and I would love it so madly.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you, again. I am already bowled over with your amazingness just offered to write my story and I hope it wasn't so bad having to wait for me to write up this letter. Have some metaphorical milk and cookies, or dark hot chocolate with marshmallows and mint in them, as I would love to spoil you with everything already in my gratitude.

Also, while I will leave you, I celebrate Yule as a religious day of birth and Christmas as family day, so this does not have to be set near the holiday. (But I do have a soft spot for the rare holiday fic done well, too, so long as they really aren't 'miracle' reliant or religious propaganda. Christmas and Yuletide, the challenge itself in this season, just tends to give me warm fuzzies, too.)

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