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I keep thinking to come back I need something amazing to write, and I do have something amazing to write (that even drastically relates to my coming back), but it will likely happen this weekend or next week on vacation, because it is longwinded and will involve pictures not yet uploaded, but for now I bring you, and myself, the innocuous.

Isn't it strange and rather like digging through a sudden treasure trove of forgotten things, when one needs to replace their refrigerator, and you have to take everything out? There were things in freezer I'd totally written off during the last two months as not existing in my house (and not being able to be replaced until January or later). Things in my fridge that I probably have not seen in months and will now fold into meals.

It feels a little magical getting to pull it all out, take order and stock of things I have, and things I don't need.

Plus, it really does not hurt that the new fridge my relator/manager bought is near 1/3rd bigger.

Well, I must dash. I have a forty minute drive to work, and I was only okayed for being about thirty minutes later for agreeing to let the fridge repair/replace-it man come at six-thirty in the morning. I have beautiful, little minds to go teach about sentence structure.

More later. All my love.

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