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Interesting revelations while I continue to unpack

I have upward of 10+ things with Asian Deities. Can Yin, Ganesh, Durga, Lakshmi on the walls and in statuary. It's tempting to say once I sign up for RCGI that my year one focus on Goddesses might be tempted away to Asian Deities. (Even though previously it was doing all the most important deities of my life thus far.)

But this is interesting to note as things go up.

I'm really so pleased to have things on my wall in my bedroom.

It's becoming a massive, magical sanctuary. All these things from RCG, Blue Moon Meets, Sacred Chakra Sisterhood, Temple of Twelve, The Silver Bow Sisterhood. Herbs, oils, tarot, runes, astrology, holidays, elements. I feel like the story of my soul is written on the walls of my room. It feels daunting, and beautiful, and brave, and so very naked.

I should have done this so long ago. But there is no guilt or remorse in this (/that).

I am giving birth to myself, and I feel allowed, empowered, certain, I get to take however much time I need to and to love, with gratitude and the humble respect, the self who kept me together to get to this point.

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