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TAURUS (April 20-May 20): I enjoy getting spam emails with outrageous declarations that are at odds with common sense. "Eating salads makes you sick" is one of my favorites, along with "Water is worse for you than vodka" and "Smoking is healthier than exercising." Why do I love reading these laughable claims? Well, they remind me that every day I am barraged by nonsense and delusion from the news media, the Internet, politicians, celebrities, and a host of fanatics. "Smoking is healthier than exercising" is just a more extreme and obvious lie than many others that are better disguised. The moral of the story for you in the coming week: Be alert for exaggerations that clue you in to what's going on discreetly below the surface. Watch carefully for glitches in the Matrix.

Well, I'm not sure I feel like this is wholly relevant today, Uncle Rob, but I'm trying to add you back into my Tuesday/Wednesdays, again. Thus, it, too, has been added into my epic, ever expanding, ever-one stop and -recurring, to do list through Any.Do. (Which you might get a post about at the end of this week, when I've collected my thoughts about Any.Do and Cal for my first week as a beta tester.)

Things of random importances. Hum.

I. I've started on my astrology book (Astrology for Yourself), again, picking up right where I left off. I'm not rushing to finish it, but I've spent over a year or more not-yet-finished, and wanting to finish it, but never remembering to go home and do the work/pages. So it's now a Monday evenings low-key recurring task for myself. Two pages every Monday night. For however many months that takes.

Yesterday was all around my Neptune and Uranus. My Jupiter and Uranus continue to be so massively things I get. I can recognize my Sagittarius energy in everything. But especially in the 9th House. With these planets. All spiritual, and travel. I can totally see myself in the words which is nice. I like being able to connect with the work, but not feeling overwhelmed by it/how often I'm doing it/how much I'm doing.

II. I am very likely about to start doing The Artists Way, again. For my third time. We just picked the path for this year as The Wise Woman's Way, and based it on the topics/chapters of the book, but thinking about the book happened two weeks after my won epiphany about my artist/sacral chakra work acknowledgement from the retreat posts.

I own most of the books in this series already, but I sent away for a handful of news ones to look into while I'm doing this, again, too. I'm sure there will be more on that once they do come in. Likely pictures, and deciding when I want to start that, and whether it might be smarter to start in January on the other side of my extended family, and Laura, and Laura's family.

III. All the dates for the last six months of The Sacred Sisterhood of the Chakra have been picked. Three meetings that end on Beltane, on my birthday of all days, with our Transition Meeting focused on shifting us from Svadhisthana (Sacral) to Manipura (Solar). It's amazing this seven year dedication has come two years, and I have wonder what all will come up as five and half more years is spent in dedication to it.

Well, it is now seven-twenty, which means I need to get dressed and get in my car for the thirty-forty minute drive to school. This morning I get my case kids and we'll see how many kids I have for myself, on top of the kids I have for collecting data in my classes for.

IV. After stopping wearing my childhood, everyday pentacle, never-took-it-off-for-over-eighteen-years, that was so much a part of me, for the last six months of, well, everything being how it was a two or three weeks ago I started wearing it, again, and I haven't taken it off again since. Which feels right. Even if it does mean I'm a little careful about school and my children. But still not off, and not on another chain, and really not self-conscious about it during my days

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