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Christmas Post II -- Swap Party & Sibling Yule Night

Swap Party

A friend of mine said a month ago to me that she really wished she could do one of those swaps I'm always doing, to which I responded they weren't too hard to do. Especially if you were doing it. Fast forward five minutes and we've planned a Yule Swap, with a reveal party on December 20th. We invited all our favorite witch-y, godess-y, alternatively-minded friends and about ten of them could make it on a month's notice.

A month later, of secret-ing and stashing, we all came together for a three hour party and reveal. As I was helping co-run the thing, I got to bring some surprises to the group. My favorite one was the following glasses. I'd been set for making a Christmas Mimosa for the other girl who ran it with me (which was divine -- smooth Moscato D'Asti, Orange Juice, Cranberry-Pomegranate, and minty from a candy cane stick) and picking up plastic champagne glasses.

The plastic cups, were going to be about $18, and for $6 more, I ended up with a full set of these, for everyone to take home.

Surprise Adorable Glasses As Gifts

And With Christmas Mimosa

Deep Tea Diver (a gift from a friend at the party)

My gorgeous blue, clay lotus was my secret swapper's gift to me.
It's ssssoooo gorgeous, and the candle is perfect for being in Svadhisthana right now.

Sibling Christmas

Sibling Christmas with my brothers and sisters (from my dad's previous marriage, but whom I was raised with for long enough, they will always be my siblings) was about an hour our of the city that night. Plus, it was the reason I didn't leave on Saturday morning with my parents to Christmas in New England. It was a many hours, explosive fun sort of thing.

I ended up bringing something like fifteen-twenty gifts for something like ten people (and two more on the way between now and next Christmas). It's kind of lovely. Last year at Christmas we were just sort of getting to know each other again after many years of me having no contact with them and them being told by my father I did not want anything to do with them (which had never been true). It was fun this time to know everyone, and to have things they all wanted to give them.

The meal was amazing, and after bragging about my family cranberry dish recipe (after watching the horror of the cranberry gel from a can be put on a plate at their Thanksgiving) they'd convinced me to make it for them for Christmas. The youngest even reminded me two days before, which was just long enough for me to have enough time to make it. Since it requires some 25 hours of sitting after the prepping part has completed.

The dinner was massive. The tree was massive. The present pile around the tree was vastly even more massive. The children were amazing. The adults were hilarious. There was laughter and talking, and a big mess left after wards, and all in all it was a lovely night that I'm incredibly glad I pushed back my New England plans one day to be able to make.

My big gift from two of the siblings, SO's and kids
This was the really Well Meant Gift. I like DW, but I don't know what I'll do with this.

From the brother, his wife, and tiny son
12 Teas of Christmas! Adorable Tea > Coffee Mug.
Amazing gorgeous necklace of a tree on a hoop necklace.

Amazing, hilarious stocking stuffers!

Jean Grey dogtags! Phoenix magnet! X-Men playing cards!
Avengers (Loki) & Doctor Who (Ten) toys packets!
Candy & an iron-on patch & a gift card

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