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Influenster's FrostyVoxBox Unboxing & Review

Disclaimer – Influenster is a pretty awesome program, where you sign up, pick passions of your life, and for each of those passions you will out person survey’s, links, and reviews (either write or recommending).

The end result of which is getting sent a complimentary (read free) VoxBox of samples from Influenster, which you are then asked to review (through another set of surveys, twitters, Facebook, istagram photos, vine/youtube videos and blog posts – whatever your review schtick is and however much you decide to be involved with reviewing).

Just so you don’t sign up expecting a big sudden bang of getting boxes, I signed up about two months before I got picked for my first box. So my best advice is sign-up and do all the things on the website you can, and you’ll end up there in a few months.

Unboxing Video: Here
Pinterest Board: Forthcoming

Boots Image & Review Forthcoming!

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced
Unboxing Thoughts: I'm not sure quite at all what this is. I haven't done anything more than open my box. I know it has something to do with skin, and I'll end up researching it on the internet when the brand badge opens, but for now I have no clue and am hyper curious because of that fact.

Youtube Link: Here

Review Opinions:

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea
Unboxing Thoughts: I giggled with delight when I saw this. I am a vast aficionado of tea, and Christmas teas, and thusly, I have tried all of Celestial Seasonings Christmas blends, and this one, specifically, is my favorite. I adore it. I buy a box every year and drink it with honey in it through the colder months.

Review Opinions: This one is still just as perfect as I always remember it. Warm and comforting, the beautiful bite and sting of the minty candy cane. I love love love this.

Eco Image & Review Forthcoming!

EcoTools Sleek & Shine Brush
Unboxing Thoughts: I am incredibly curious about this one. I haven't had a new non-tangle brush in years on years. This reminds me of the kind of brush my dad used to use to make my hair super soft as a child, brushing it for nearly an hour. It, also, says it makes it dry 20% faster, which would be a big plus to someone whose hair stays wet 75% of the day it is washed.

Review Opinions:

Vines Image & Review Forthcoming!

Fruit Vines Bites Cherry
Unboxing Thoughts: I love twirlers and I love cherry, and while I may not eat candy/sweet very often, or ever in any large amount when I am eating them, I am already grinning like a loon about the fact I will very likely love these, too.

Review Opinions:

McCormick Image & Review Forthcoming!

McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thyme
Unboxing Thoughts: Well, I cook a lot so I wasn't incredibly excited to see this one. I love thyme as much as the next cook, but it's not a new sexy ingredient for my spice cabinet (ala something like Hatchery's devices) but it will be a fun and nice challenge to find some new recipes to use the thyme in for this one.

Review Opinions:

NYC Image & Review Forthcoming!

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color
Unboxing Thoughts: No real thoughts yet on this one. It looks like a nice color, and it will be fun to try out at some point.

Review Opinions:
This was a gorgeous color, but it didn't last on any of its applications past 30-40 minutes, which led to inconvenient needs for constant reapplying.

Rimmel Image & Review Forthcoming!

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
Unboxing Thoughts: After how well my tests with Rimmel London went last month, I'm seriously jazzed to be trying more products in their London line-up. I, also, love that these are combination products. Use the eyeliner and make sure it looks perfectly unsmudged all day, and then use the gentle eye remover once it's night and time for bed. Quite ready for this test and loving it already!

Review Opinions:

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