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Fandom SnowFlake Challenge 2015
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In your own space, talk about your creative process - from what inspires you to what motivates you to how you manage to break through blocks. Does your process change depending on the type of creating you're doing? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Inspiration for me comes more like pounding waves on my head, turning me upside down and dragging me out with the current, rather than a gentle rain tugging at my hair and my shoulder. It isn't patient, or kind, or curious. It's sudden, demanding, and consuming. A world unfurling itself at me with every ounce of detail usually assailing me from every angel, until I'm grabbing post-it notes to jot down anything and everything I can if I'm not somewhere I can start working on it yet.

Everything in the world can be the trigger. Music is a big one, as is anything on Tumblr and Dreamwidth. But it can, also, be my students, the traffic, the book I'm currently reading, movies past and present (rewatching something almost unrelated can spawn whole new things in my main fandom/inspiration locations).

I don't really write to be written. Do I like being read, seeing people click like/kudos/leave comment? Sure, probably as much as any author/creator out there. But I rarely write (as writing is the main fanwork that owns 95% of me) for those people specifically. I write because I desperately need to get something else, like there's fire burning in the inside of my fingertips until they are inkstained and done.

I am almost always inspired -- not always about the project I need to be working on, but always inspired to be writing something. I fic (a lot) and game (so incredibly a lot). When I can't be writing whatever I need/want to be writing, something else will always grew up in the cracks of that impatient energy to create.

Fanfiction is pretty easy for me. A lot of the time shows inspire this. More often than should be true I end up writing about why a canon is wrong, or why certain people in fandom are wrong. Not specifically "why they are wrong" like that sounds, but painting scenes of 'what I consider it to look like in my head/world' as responses to things I don't agree with entirely.

This is, also, a lot of where my Meta comes from. Wanting to talk about how character arcs, character interactions, canon across large swaths of time. How certain ideas or interactons and themes play out. I really love talking about story projections and processes, construction and deconstruction, which is a lot of what I spent my BA/MA in English learned how to do with texts, and makes it almost impossible not to take to anything with story writing in it.

I really recently wrote a tumblr about what I do when I'm blocked in fic writing, which isn't often, because I hadvea fickle focus when it came to writing my Yuletide. But I wasn't worried the way a lot of other people I got. I had rewatched my canon for it, but I had two other pics that wanted to be written solidly first. So I wrote notes for my Yuletide. Broke down the chapters, gave them titles and a 2-3 word description of their focus on a colored, lined post-it and then left it alone. Went wrote my other two pics (each under 1000) in one day, and then a day later sat down and wrote my Yuletide (across two days, for it's nearly 4,000 words).

Playlist creation for The Boys Playlist (my/our 500+ strong Hawaii Five-0 fanlist) seriously nearly creates itself. Both Laura and I have been steeped in a lot of music since birth. Families who were made in it and endless lessons in the art as well. Plus, an endless need for it to be part of your on going, endless, daily life. Which culminates them all together seamlessly. I spend a lot of time in the car shazaming songs off the radio, that will then be added to the spotify list later.

Threading/Gaming is part inspiration, part madness and a whole lot of trusting my-cowriter to both be able to take anything I throw at her and trusting myself to be able to take whatever she throws at me.

It's, also, this insanely easy, amazing thing where we have something like eight-to-twelve threads on-going at any point. Not that we are writing at the time (I think the most we've seriously written at a time is three) but we have a lot of ongoing ones in existence, and we switch between fickle as the wind with whatever our inspiration wants at the time (which we're both happy and relieved to have in each other).

I have an Ask Tumblr/Tumblr. The main part of my Steve McGarrett tumblr is more for me than it is for anyone else following it, which is a curation of Steve McGarrett's life. It's images, quotes, and everything else I can find that relate to him. It's everything under the show tags, but then it's quotes/poetry from a specific places, images of the sea, following the tags for Navy SEALs/USNA (Annapolis Naval Academy)/The Navy. This is for me as both an output of the things I think about, as well as an inspiration for constant fic and thread-gaming inspiration.

The Ask Tumblr, which is the other half of that Tumblr is a real awesome sort of challenge to myself. Or at least it started out that way -- as a way to look at the deep difference between narration showing/telling you why a character acts a certain way, and then in an Ask where all you see is perhaps an icon/gif and only the words that come out of their mouth as a personal response. It's a really sort of nice way of turning everything on it's head. Becomes both bigger and smaller, different, inspiration, fun.

It, too, has become rather like breathing. Like everything else having to do with this insane, amazing character/show that's taken over more than two years of my life now.

Other related things from your list under the prompt. I do, very selectively, make Rec Lists.

Selectively not because I'm hard to please (even though I seriously am at time, especially about certain subjects) but because I really only share fic likes only immediately with one person on e-mail. But it's been becoming a lot more constant that I'm using the following tags on my Tumblr Amanda Pimps Fic, Amanda Pimps Music, Amanda Pimps Vids, Fan Art to rec list things to the general H50 fandom.

I do occasionally take part in Community-Wide re-watches (and I've done several more rewatches of lot of lots of different fandom and shows and movies all throughout the years) and focus months (for characters, for ships, for season, etc, wherein you make and rec things). One of my non-fandom, non-internet, Sci-Fi meetups that I run is about to start reading a Sci-Fi Book (Leviathan Wakes) which is a re-read for me.

I really, really, really just like fandom things. A lot. And I love being both lost in my own personal, inspiration packed worlds, and inhabiting it with my main co-conspirator, and being involved in fandom-wide interactions.


(Also, guys! Look! This is my icon that [personal profile] ruuger made for me from my fandom wishlist yesterday! It's it gorgeous?)

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