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40 Bags in 40 Days

Taking a leaf out of Rachel/[personal profile] songtoisis's book I came home with the plan to attack my house with the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. Not only is my house tiny, but I've now been here about eight months, which means I have this much broader idea of what I have/haven't used that it's my house (of things both moved in, or things bought since then).

At first I was insanely wary that there was absolutely no way I could ever make this work, but since being home two days it's just been jumping out at me from every direction. Space is a premium here, and I'm becoming more attached to what I have in my space and what is just taking up space in my space. Since then I've joined an email group for weekly inspirations and I've gotten myself a handy details sheet for working on/documenting all I've done.

The first two days started in pretty sane locations. It's with unpacking, and groceries, and upgrades of things. I have a cabinet for food storage and not a pantry, so space there is massively important and I finally decided to go through the entire three shelves and bag up for donation anything I a) hadn't eaten since before moving in and b) bought since then, but never used/never plan to. All of this made a lot of room, plus it filled nearly two bags of food I can donate to the food bank.

I'm going to hit up pretty much everything in my kitchen -- all the gadgets in my drawers, all the appliances I never use, all the bakery stuff and pots and pans. I can't wait to start going through my whole house doing this. I have five billion soaps bars I don't need and, even more important, cannot use because of my sensitive skin

(Does anyone who will be at Blue Moon Meets want them? Or maybe I could take them to Blue Moon Meets and sell them all for liek $1-2 a piece. Ooooh. Maybe I could do that, with my soaps and with my unused, off-my-skin-color make-up's from Ipsy, etc. Maybe I could actually make it all girlie things -- soap, makeup, jewelry, perfume, etc.)

I am so aimed toward clearing out so much. I have so many dreams about it now. About my house being thinned down, cleaned up (from Christmas, and the last of the packed boxes), and cleared out as part of the spring and beautiful things. Thanks for bringing this into my world, Rachel.

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