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TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What does your soul need on a regular basis? The love and attention of some special person? The intoxication provided by a certain drink or drug? Stimulating social interaction with people you like? Music that drives you out of your mind in all the best ways? The English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins said that the rapture his soul needed more than anything else was inspiration -- the "sweet fire," he called it, "the strong spur, live and lancing like the blowpipe flame." So the experience his soul craved didn't come from an outside stimulus. It was a feeling that rose up inside him. What about you, Taurus? According to my analysis of the astrological omens, your soul needs much more than usual of its special nourishment.

Oh, Uncle Rob, so much of this is so much of me.

Music is my go to everything. I need in to zone out to. I use it for inspiration, and gifts. I've made, with Laura, a playlist for a set of characters that went over 500 songs this year. And that quote. I could live in that quote. I need inspiration and writing and creating like I need air. It's why you will always find me writing something, and why I get restless with anyone I'm writing with if I go more than four or five days without writing. My attention and my focus will divert to something to fill the void.


It's been an interesting week. I'm definitely feeling more human this week, and like this week is a real week.

The Sunday before last was my last day of Christmas break. It was, also, the day my flight got canceled in Connecticut. Monday was the first day of the spring school year. It was, also, the day my flight (and 98% of everyone else's flights) got canceled in O'Hare. Needless to say, between two days of trying-to-get-home stress and getting sick in the petri dish of the airport, the rest of last week was a catch-up fugue of confusion.

This week not so much. I'm feeling good about this week even though it's been busy. I finished my first set of ARD paperwork (with help) and observed my first full ARD (being run by my Spec mentor). I put away all of Christmas. I've managed for five or six days now to continue doing a great job with 40 Bags for 40 Days. It's done amazing things not just to me winnowing down my house, but it's inspired me to shift things around, so important things can be gotten to more easily.

I've been approved for time off and subs for Blue Moon, Spring Retreat, a field trip day with the bookclub to The Texas Library Association festival and -- Get this, my lovely, lovely doubters/sensible warners - as of today, by agreement of my principal, September's five-day Atlanta reunion trip I get off in propriety for however long I work at this school. All of this and I still really haven't figured out what I'm doing with the nine days of my Spring Break in March.

I should do something nice. I think in the future I might put small extra trips on the weeks for Thanksgiving and Spring Break. It's not quite doable this year (since real paycheck only started four weeks ago), but next year I could start considering a nine day trip to a new country on these weeks. Whatever happens to be the deal package de jure of the year, or of all my deal sites. I think I'm going to start watching them very closely and planning for next Thanksgiving Week (pre-Thanksgiving Day, which will be at home)/Spring break (none of which needs to be at home).

This can get lumped in with all the grand plans for the new, super planned out, costumes for DC this year, that will honestly be used for years and years yet to come.

Well, I have been rambling and I have two minutes until I need to leave for my wine class. I love you all.

Leave me curious and inspiring considerations of what to do with my Spring Break?

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