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New Subscription Box #1: Tea Box Express

I ended up rambling excitedly about Tea Box Express during the recent Blue Moon Meets and promised that I would follow up with a post and some pictures. While I'm not entirely happy with the price when I'm looking at it by itself, I dissolve into heart and flowers and puppies overtime I get a box from them. It's so perfectly perfect for me.

Box #1, January 2015
It's Time for a Cuppa

Tea Pigs Strong Earl Grey (from Oregon)
Clotted Cream (from England)
Strawberry Preserves (from France)
Scone Mix

Tea Accessories:
Silver Creamer
Silver Tea Spoon w/ Tea Pot top

Also, important about this box was that my scone mix arrived damaged and powdering the whole box (which you can see some of the white flecks of on the bottom of it, but I worked really hard to make my picture that day look nice). I wrote the Tea Express people, and amazingly they got back to me within an hour, and they a tracking number for a box of replacement scone mix shipping to me within two.

I was incredibly impressed. (Especially as they first offered to just ship me a whole new box without any questions asked, and I told them I didn't need anything but the mix. They were so sweet and responsive.)

Box #2, February 2015
Just for You

SerendipiTea Once Upon a Tea (loose)
SerendipiTea Roses Plenty (loose)
Tazo Chocolate Coconut Amazebar

Tea Accessories:
PuurBody travel tin candle in Tea, Spice & Orchid
PuurBody Earl Grey lip balm
Mesh tea infuser

I, also, have to say I really think they learn every month, because last month's box with the problem had no padding, and this one had all sorts of packaging to it, too. Which I think is a pretty great thing to see going on. I'm loving being on the ground floor of this subscriptions first year.

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