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  • Sun, 08:54: Dear TVD, could you have done a better job at showing how bad Damon *and* Damon/Elana was, all episode, before that kiss? #sameoldstory
  • Sun, 09:39: #TVD, how many times can you prove that this is a bad relationship, that they both know is a bad relationship, but focus on them choosing it
  • Sun, 10:45: #TVD, ....and then Damon is supplying drugs to Elena's brother and requiring that he doesn't tell her? Show. What.
  • Sun, 10:50: #TVD ....follows it up with Damon informing Liz all her unsolved murders in her job are him. Great friend and boyfriend material.
  • Sun, 11:42: #TVD When did this become the Damon show. How did even the death of Caroline's Mother becoming more about Damon than Caroline?
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