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  • Sun, 03:38: Wow. I'm an absolute idiot. I started crying again yesterday and decided to lay down.
  • Sun, 03:38: Then slept straight through the one thing I was looking forward to all week. My live Night Vale show.
  • Sun, 03:39: Bought when I didn't even have the money and missed entirely. Great. I'm missing things and losing money I don't have to lose.
  • Sun, 03:42: So. Great. It's three am, I'm wide awake and in tears again because now I lost my one big happy thing for this week/end, too.
  • Sun, 04:09: So I guess I'll sit up and do ARD paperwork for the next 7-8 hours. It's not like I have anything better to do anymore.
  • Sun, 05:57: Dishes done, trash out, laundry started on my paperwork break. Making myself be an adult through my vast, bleak, disappointment at myself.
  • Sun, 07:40: Second day in wandering around in this shirt, watching it get water spots in the rain.
  • Sun, 08:06: And I sat outside the target, in the rain, until open, so they could not be carrying the replacement for my water bottle.
  • Sun, 08:06: I'd like to return this whole weekend now.
  • Sun, 10:06: Hello, Hell's Kitchen. I've missed you. #Daredevil
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