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  • Thu, 21:09: On a lighter note -- here are all the ARC's I got from the bookclub's trip to 2015 Library… https://t.co/cca1TKmlB7
  • Thu, 22:03: So tired. My house is a mess. Two of my kickstarters arrived/need pictures, too. But I think I'm going to do my plank challenge and collapse
  • Thu, 22:13: Still haven't gotten up. House isn't 'really' a mess. It's just got all the book stacks, folded laundry, and the funeral papers everywhere.
  • Thu, 22:14: Still it grates on my nerves. I want to just put it all away, but I'm so exhausted, and need sleep for the Special Ed field trip tomorrow.
  • Thu, 22:21: I've just completed day 10 of the 30 Day Plank Challenge - https://t.co/DzSgUwYxTX why don't you try it too - @30dayfitness
  • Fri, 06:51: lost 2.4 lbs since her last weigh-in! #myfitnesspal
  • Fri, 07:27: RT @DETAILS: You guys, it's Friday. You made it. http://t.co/x3hic9A0lF
  • Fri, 10:04: Morning is abundantly stressful over here. It's so fun.
  • Fri, 10:13: Took a 3 minute break to watch the new trailer teaser v
  • Fri, 10:30: 5 more Library Conference ARC's donated to my classroom by Bookclub members. https://t.co/mBimswG0XV
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