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Here is another interesting way to explore yourself using tarot. Discover your current growth card (and if you are really ambitious) chart your entire life's growth cycles! Here is what you need to do:

To determine your current Growth Symbol. Add the day and month of your most recent birthday (not always the same as the current calendar year.) Your growth year goes from birthday to birthday rather than by calendar year. For example my current Growth Card or Growth Symbol is determined like this:

2015 +

That is my growth card from my 2015 birthday until my birthday in 2016.

In the case of growth cards you do NOT reduce further if you get a double digit number between 10-21.
Only reduce further if your number is greater than 21.

To computer your growth cycles, repeat the growth card process for each year of your life. I highly recommend doing this although it is a bit tedious to do all the calculations. You will find that your numbers will go in a sequence consecutively for awhile and then there will be a jump or break in the sequence. When this happens it marks the end of one Growth Cycle and the beginning of a new one. It marks a turning point in your life. If you compute a few years ahead, you can see where there is going to be one of these transitions which can be helpful to making the transition a smoother one.

I have found doing my life's growth chart to be fascinating and was amazed at how major events in my life came at those turning points.

In case you are reading along and want to find your own out, here is a a Handy Dandy Wiki - Major Arcana List.

My 2015 Growth Card: The Chariot

Achieving victory, focusing intent and will, establishing an identity, self-confidence, maintaining descipline, assuming the reins of power and authority. Traveling or moving. Spiritual transformation. Conquest, victory and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. Universal symbols of change and causation. Changes in family and the home. Career changes and advancements.

I am responsible for what I cause
I accomplish things effortlessly and well
I stimulate and motivate others positively
I enjoy the combination of quietude and activity

If the idea of figuring out your entire life's growth cards seems too daunting, I think you might still enjoy figuring out what Life Cycle you are currently in. Do the calculation a few years back and forward to find the beginning and end of your current cycle. Suppose your current growth card is 8 (Strength) and computing back and forward your find a series of years like this: 11 , 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 4 The cycle is the contiguous series running from 3-12. The break in the series before the 3 and after the 12 are the end and start of different cycles. So you are currently in an Empress cycle.

Here are is an abbreviated run-down of the cycles:

Cycle beginning with 2 (The High Priestess) is a Creative/Self-Sufficiency or Individuation Cycle
Cycle beginning with 3 (Empress) is a Creative/Venus Cycle or your Path of Heart
Cycle beginning with 4 (Emperor) is a Creative/Leadership Cycle
Cycle beginning with 5 (The Hierophant) is a Family, Community, and Spiritual Development Cycle
Cycle beginning with 6 (The Lovers) is a Cycle of learning about relationships
Cycle beginning with 7 (The Chariot) is a Cycle of incorporating both activity and quiet
Cycle beginning with 8 (Strength) is a Cycle of delving into and experiencing the strength of who you are
Cycle beginning with 9 (The Hermit) is a cycle of introspection, completion and order

Breaking down all of my life so far. There are the years, the numbers they add up to (plus parenthesis if the number was over 12. Then inside the brackets is the Growth Card for each of the years. Now what I'm most curious about is learning more about what these cycles mean.

1982: (19 =) 10 [19/The Sun]
The Judgement Cycle
(Ages 1-2)
1983: (20 =) 2 [20/Judgment]
1984: (21 =) 3 [21/The World]
The Emperor Cycle
Creative/Leadership Cycle

(Ages 3 to 8)
1985: (22 =) 4 [The Emperor]
1986: (23 =) 5 [The Hierophant]
1987: (24 =) 6 [The Lovers]
1988: (25 =) 7 [The Chariot]
1989: (26 =) 8 [Justice]
1990: (27 =) 9 [The Hermit]
1991: (28 =) 10[Wheel of Fortune]
The High Priestess Cycle
Creativity/Self-Sufficiency or Individuation Cycle

(Ages 9 to 18)
1992: 2 [The High Priestess]
1993: 3 [The Empress]
1994: 4 [The Emperor]
1995: 5 [The Hierophant]
1996: 6 [The Lovers]
1997: 7 [The Chariot]
1998: 8 [Justice]
1999: 9 [The Hermit]
2000: 10[Wheel of Fortune]
2001: 11[Strength]
The Empress Cycle
Creative/Venus Cycle or your Path of Heart

(Ages 19 to 28)
2002: 3 [The Empress]
2003: 4 [The Emperor]
2004: 5 [The Hierophant]
2005: 6 [The Lovers]
2006: 7 [The Chariot]
2007: 8 [Justice]
2008: 9 [The Hermit]
2009: 10 [Wheel of Fortune]
2010: 11 [Strength]
2011: 12 [The Hanged Man]
The Emperor Cycle
Creative/Leadership Cycle

(Ages 29 to ?)
This symbol and The Chariot are major symbols of change and new beginnings in the entire Tarot system. During Emperor years, individual attempts to own their own leadership; may start new projects; become leaders, directors, or have important responsibilities; may take a major trip or travel; resolve issues conceding fatherhood or with their own father or male authority figures; learn about moving in new directions from an Aries person; may start a business or creative project on one's own; interest in visual arts or photography.

2012: 4 [The Emperor]
2013: 5 [The Hierophant]
2014: 6 [The Lovers]
2015: 7 [The Chariot]

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