Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

A List of Beautiful Things

I. I have been dedicated to serious heavy weightlifting the last 3-4 months -- all the way to the extent of a personal trainer, amazing chocolate-mint protein shakes, really kickbutt fancy lifting gloves (from my best friend for my birthday), expensive professional weightlifting shoes, a weight belt, a running assortment of amazing looking workout clothes and bras from my beloved VS. And?

Surprisingly my trainer asked me yesterday if I was interested in national women weightlifting training in the (extended) future, because he thought I'd probably be a good candidate for it.

II. I continue not to regret choosing to teach this month of summer, as school continues to be this place that I love beyond all possibility. With amazing supporters in all areas. My superiors, my coworkers, my whole team in Special Ed, my last year team with ENG II, my next year (and summer) team with ENG I. My kids. My every day.

I really have no clue what I'm going to do with my seven weeks off between summer and fall, but I'm excited about my super geektastic classroom and co-teacher for next year right now, and the trip to Europe with the school next Spring Break, too. All of the three extracurricular (Book/Comic Book Club, GRACE, and the forthcoming 2015 Poetry Club) I help run am already planning for the next year of.

(Here have cute things. My past year website, and my past/current teacher instagram. Yes, I'm the super tech teacher you're all afraid of and I've been rocking my coworkers something hard. Yes. I really did grab every single one of thirty english teachers teaching this some and make them use GoogleDrive together for ever single thing and, yes, my answer to every question from them is 'It's on the drive.')

III. Year III of the VII in Chakras began this past weekend, and I've shifted into Manipura/Solar Chakra along with four other really amazing women in the Sacred Sisterhood of the Chakra. We've planned out dates for our meetings for the whole year, including two different trips out of town and one of which at six months is a weekend trip.

I'm actually super pleased about this year, and one of the people who is still with it, has been with me doing this since the first day of first year, and we're already beginning to consider doing an eighth year (and I'm even pondering the whole 12 year potentials), which is amazing given we're at Year Three starting and talking about something that would happen in six years from now. It's so amazingly big, but it's working out so well and I have no regrets in starting and living this.

Here, have some links I can share now that certain years and privacy locks are done now:

Mudlahara/Root Chakra Pinterest Board and Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra Pinterest Board

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