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Proactive Positivity

I've added a lot of very positive and proactive positivity things into my life lately, and they are adding up around my house, and through my daily like in a way that makes me smile often.

I. Gratitude Journal
I have a new journal and pen that it's exclusively for Gratitude. I write two pages each night right before bed about things I am truly grateful for right now and things I wish for/am working toward (but are phrased as though they have already happened). Before, between pages, and afterwards, I close my eyes, with my hands spread over my Heart Chakra and I say "Thank you" to the universe with as much faith, sincerity, belief and humbled gratitude.

It's seeping into my everyday. I'm used to saying thank you for surprises, and near misses, and flukes of magic. But I've begun saying thank you for almost anything that makes me happy now. Saying thank you to my body when I like the way I look in the mirror. Or my dish washer. Or the sunshine through my windows. Or fabulous music. To friends more easily all the time for every even tiny thing.

I don't stress myself out if I miss a night. I just thank the universe in a quiet breath before falling asleep, and promise that I will write to it again tomorrow.

II. New Companions
I've, also, begun carrying a new stone in my pocket, turned outward, so I run my finger along it whenever I want straight through my pocket, which is all about alleviating bad habits, and I've started on one small one. It's going well so far. Not mastered, but definitely seeing an up turn in my pro-activeness to not just look at it and myself avoiding it and sigh, but getting up and doing the hard or not hard work to do it.

III. Believe Cards
The tiny Believe cards that were part of a Christmas or Birthday box from Laura, for I've utterly forgotten which one of them it was, have been slowly being opened and left about. There are thing on the tiny ledge in my bathroom. Some are on my altar. And a very meaningful one is the bookmark the marks the place in my Gratitude Journal where I left off the night before.

IV. Future Board
I have a future board I made at the GRACE conference on the second to last week of school. It's meant to go over my desk at school, but as I am currently out of school and moving to English I next semester it came home with me and it's up on the wall in over my sink in the section of the hallways outside my tiny bathroom. It's nice to see it pretty much every time I go to the bathroom, wake up, brush my hair or my teeth or change my clothes.

It makes me look at and smile about all the things I want in my future. All these different areas that are deeply important to me. Who I am, who I was, who I want to be. And it's interesting the ways it's already started expressing itself or showing up in new and exciting ways.

V. Chakra things
I'm in Manipura (Solar Chakra) for the next year (ten more months to be precise) and I've started putting more things around me to notice it. I have the gorgeous altar of yellow that keeps expanding often like they all do. I made an amazing youtube channel for the girls of my group that has 50+ videos in it for meditations, music, things you listen to while asleep, yoga programs for the specific positions. The first meeting was amazing, too, and we've even added new shiny faces this year who are all gungho and inspiring.

But to go with this list, I've started printing out some of the affirmations from the (locked/current) Pinterest board for Manipura, cutting them out, and taping them up on my mirror (you've got it, next to the Future Board and the the tiny ledge of Believe cards) so I, also, see these every time I pass those areas all day, too. Reminding me of the beautiful messages of this Chakra and to, as our catch phrase of the year has become -- Manipura it!.

VI. Astrology Things
Another interesting wave I've started doing only recently happened in the last month. I went to a friends Meetup that was having an Astrology 101, because even though I know A LOT about my self, my natal chart and how to figure things out, I love the woman who was running it and I always learn new things about myself every single time she teaches a group something, such as I did this time.

I learned that when you get your horoscope every time (/I, when I get my Rob horoscopes every Tuesday), I could and can and maybe even should, read all twelve of them, because all twelve of the horoscopes actually refer to you and your chart, but just to different parts of you, specific the influences of the houses/meanings where each of those zodiac/constellations fall in you/your chart.

But that barring being ready to understand that daunting task -- to at least start with always reading not just one (and that one being your most commonly known sun sign), but the three big ones: your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign. Because those are the three big influences on your life at all times.

So I started reading Taurus (my Sun sign), Capricorn (my Moon sign), Pisces (my Rising sign), and Sagittarius (because I have 5 different astrological planets/bodies/chart forces in that sign, making it an equally large juggernaut in my chart). And lo and behold? All of them directly applied to my current life (not always 100% but definitely more than 50%). So I may start trying to write my astrology posts again, with all four of them listed and deciphering myself through the four largest astrological influences on my life.

It's been head trippy and amazing to watch and see myself in so many different things.

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