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50 Days of Dragon Con Countdown - Days 1-2

2015 Theme: Monster Mashup
2015 Charity: Lymphoma Research Foundation

** All notes subject change/revision/deletion until DC is actually happening.

[ N O T E S ]
(Podcast Location: The Unique Geek)

Day 1 (50 Days) - Beginning
This is the beginning of a 50 day countdown of notes listening to The Unique Geek's 50 Days of Dragon Con Countdown. I am doing these to upgrade my listen last year and write in my notebook, but never use my notes later, to posts, and a constantly being updated lower section, keeping an organized detail list of everything the interested me in the 50 days of interviews & updates as things are put into place for the con.

Nothing super important here. This one brings our hosts back together, covers some of what's changed, and a good number of the featured guests.

There was a lot of talk about the past year, the new charity focus for the year (linked above), too, and how the con will again match $50,000 if the attendees raise it. I did get a little tired of the buckets and asking for money last year by the third or fourth day, but I can't really complain much because it's not that hard to sit through and they did match and the con matched the amount and so an amazing amount ($115,000 of money and collected 535 abs of food) was donated last year to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Maybe so as not to get annoyed. I should just figure out how much I want to donate, break it down into $1 increments and then donate one per panel?
Day 2 (49 Days) - Eternal Member Zan

The ever present Zan. This one was a lot of the early talk. About the tours for new people, and the good resources online for Facebook and the forum. How to get in touch and reach out to people for help at your first con. Who runs the websites, who handles the tours, have a text-a-mentor. A long talk about the eternal membership, which still sounds extremely highly priced (especially if it doesn't pay itself off for 13-17 years), but does promise you automatic entrance even in the event that DC becomes capped.

There was a lot more I originally wrote for this, but when my computer glitches and it ate the first version of this post, it took all my listening during it notes with it. So there will be more in-depth notes, whether with thoughts or simply shorthand while listening in the coming days.

Oh, I remember one now. I may add these as I remember. The DC store will have con exclusive merchandise that will not be on the website until after con. Especially because of the change in logo recently. (I need to consider the whole concept of getting a challenge coin, a car magnet, and a lanyard for the fall.)

Scott Adsit (Baymax, Big Hero 6)
Amber Benson (Buffy)
Felecia Day (Internet Queen)
Melissa Fahn (Betty Boop)
Bill Farmer (Goofy/Pluto)
Nicholas Lea (X-Files)
John Noble (Fringe)
Chris Rankin (Harry Potter)
Carole Spinney (Big Bird)
Laura Vandervoot (Supergirl)

Casts Of
Agents of SHEILD (Richard James Olmos, B.J. Britt, )
Arrow (Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Nicholas Lea)
Battlestar Gallactica (Jamie Bamber, Richard James Olmos, James Callos, Terry Carter, Kevin R. Grazier, Magda Apanowicz)
Defiance (Tony Curran, Graham Green, Richard Hatch, Stephanie Leonidas, Steve Lund, Kevin R. Grazier)
Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGan, John Barrowman)
Flash (Robbie Amell, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton)
Game of Thrones (Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn, Mike Miller, Julian Glover, Jason Metcalfe)
Lost Girl (Paul Amos, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Ksenia Solo)
Once Upon a Time (Kristen Bauer, Merin Dungey, Victoria Smurfit)
Stargate (Gary Jones, Peter Kelamis, Paul McGillion, Teryl Rotary, Gary Chalk)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Terry Farrell)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Jonathon Frakes)
Warehouse 13 (Joanna Kelly, Eddie McClintock)

Comics/Books - Authors/Artists
Arthur Adams (Longshot)
Amanda Connor (Starfire/Harley)
Peter David (Babylon 5)
Kelly Sue DeConnick (#BGSD)
Matt Fraction (Hawkeye)
Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy)
George Jeanty (X-Men/DC)
David Mack (Kabuki)

Brobdingnagian Bards
Crossed Swords
Emerald Rose
Pandora Celtica
The Double Clicks


Events & Parties

Sept 4
- DC Store Open (Lanyard, Magnet, Coin?)
- 1 pm, Dealer Hall opens

Sept 5
- 10 am, DC Annual Parade
- 7-9pm, Free Writer's Workshop Meet/Greet (Hanover A-B)
- 7-11 pm, DC Night at the Georgia Aquarium
- 10-2 am Heroes & Villains Ball (Sheraton Grand)
- DragonCon Burlesque (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)

Sept 6
- Late Night Puppet Slam (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)
- 4-5:30 pm, Miss Star Trek Universe (Sheraton Grand)
- 8:30-11 pm, Masquerade Costume Contest (Hyatt Centennial)
- 10-2 am NuWho 10th Anniversary Ball (Sheraton Grand)
- 10-2 am Mechanical Masquerade (Peachtree)

Sept 7
- Con Report

Extra Packing Plans
Costume #1 (F) - Crown, glasses
Costume #2 (U - Joint) - Belt
☑ Back-Up Costume #1 (ST) & #2 (HP)
☑ Dress down Costume #1 (K)

☑ Skater Dress

Requests & Favors
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Swag/Etc for Step-Sister

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