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Personal Costume Catalog

I realized I need one of these, and to keep it listed and updated, to make it easier when considering what I'm making for the coming DC and what I can use on the days when I don't have new costumes. Which is a lot more than I ever remember when I'm listlessly trying to figure out what to do on those days.

Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
- Black Leather pants
- Black Leather vest w/double zipper
- Black/Red Leather jacket
- Black knee-high boots
- Hair ties & super gel (for braided high ponytail)
- Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol

Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
- Dress w/ wristlets
- Hoopskirt
- Purple Wig
- Gold Earrings
- Gold Crown
- Glasses
( - Rose )

Death (Sandman)
- Black tank top
- Black pants
- Black knee-high boots
- Black Wig
- Large silver ankh
- Black-Silver Punch Wristlets
- Black Top Hat
- Black Umbrella
- Black eyeliner for face designs

Hooded Figure (Welcome to Night Vale)
- Black pants
- Black long sleeve shirt
- Black gloves
- Black Cloak
- Not Dogs in the Dog Park Sign

Kabuki - Control Corps (Kabuki)
- Blue Jeans, floppy bottoms
- Control Corps Shirt
- Black/White Converse
- Black Wig
- Silver Block, ball-chain, name necklace
- 'kabuki' facial scar applique

Miss Scarlett (Clue)
- Swanky red dress
(Shoes optional due to length of dress)
- Gold Candlestick holder
- Diamond/Gold Necklace
- Diamond Earrings
- Diamond Bracelet
- Red Hair Accents (for hair in bun)

Ravenclaw Student (Harry Potter)
- Black slacks
- White Button-up
- Ravenclaw Tie
- Ravenclaw Cloak
- Ravenclaw Scarf
- Dowel Wood Wand
( - Time Turner )

Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0)
- Blousable BDU Pants
- Shirt #1 - White Undershirt, Blue (tailored) over shirt
- Shirt #2 - Blue Polo
- Tan Combat Boots
- Right wrist watch
- Police belt with ammo cartridges, black handcuffs, Five-0 badge
- Dog Tags
- Aviator Sunglasses
- ID Badge

Uhura (New Star Trek)
- Red Dress
- Black knee-high boots
- Silver Earrings
- Silver Communications ST Badge
- Hair pieces (super high ponytail)

Things to Add Later
- Detective
- School Girl
- Renn Clothing Stash List

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