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  • Mon, 13:23: RT @H50Cassidy: If you are being attacked, which isn't okay, and you stoop to the level of attacking back, that isn't defending, you've als…
  • Mon, 16:23: Most hilarious gym day yet. So today? I wore a cute bohemian tank/skirt that required a strapless.
  • Mon, 16:24: And forgot to pack my sports bra in my gym bag with my newly clean gym clothes. (It's in my bathroom even now, waiting for me.)
  • Mon, 16:25: But my trainer loves me, because I dress out (w/strapless) and show up saying "I have problem a but I'm here to try until you tell me to ...
  • Mon, 16:25: So I have now done weightlifting in a strapless. (I don't advise it. But it was hilarious. And I love my trainer.)
  • Mon, 17:33: Today's snack (because red & green grapes were 2 lbs for $2 today at the fruit & vegetable store) https://t.co/03qyhWzX1F
  • Mon, 18:39: 6:30 again and the last solid food like thing I ate was at 9:30 and it was two breakfast casserole squares. I keep failing this game.
  • Mon, 19:04: The Mary Sue Exclusive: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls Preview - Sarah Searle's "Better Than Fiction" http://t.co/mbisjD015s via @TheMarySue
  • Mon, 22:41: Media Consumption from July 13 to July 19 http://t.co/Jrq2X2WGgH
  • Mon, 23:40: RT @perdita00: I LIKE BIG BUNS It's now available in the @teefury gallery full-time! http://t.co/YYgk9GorMU #starwars #cute http://t.co/G1H
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